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So, they told us this morning at their little opening ceremony of round 2 the progress will be made, Ian.
This is Michel Barnier and David Davis.
What progress can we expect this week?
They didn't tell us a lot really, did they?
They just said they both realized at the time the clock was ticking away
and the progress needed to be made.
They really need to focus on this issue of citizens' rights,
how to protect the rights of European nationals in the UK after Brexit.
And they also need to come up with some way of calculating the UK's Brexit bill —
how much the UK is willing to pay.
Until they get progress on those two issues,
then you can't see these talks making any progress at all.
Talking of not making any progress at all,
we're still trying to understand what the line of the land is in London.
Does that make the talks in Brussels less relevant or less important
considering we really don't understand what the future political direction of Britain is.
I don't think you could underestimate the importance at all.
I think they're very important and you get the feeling here
that from the EU's side, they're looking in the shenanigans going on in Westminster
thinking, "why can't they just sort it out and get on with this thing
that's going to cause disruption for the UK for years and years to come?"
So whatever is going on around the prime minister in London,
both sides I think, recognized that they've got to get down to business in Brussels.
Ian, the mystery for me is from the European's side. John Micklethwait had this in Bloomberg Businessweek earlier this week.
What is their incentive to get anything done?
Doesn't the EU just want to delay and delay and delay until the last moment?
Well I mean, we can't say that it's not in the EU side to get the deal as well
as much as Britain want some kind of easy way out of the EU,
the EU also wants the deal because it wants UK's money,
and it wants to continue trading with the UK.
So, yes, they're saying they're putting down the rules,
they're putting down the markers, and is telling UK to fit in with us.
But also they're saying, "look, it's in our interests to get the deal as well. So let's all work together, let's get our heads together."


【彭博新聞】居民權益成為英國脫歐談判焦點 (Brexit Bill, Citizens' Rights Become Focus of Talks)

82 分類 收藏
Lilian Chang 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 18 日    Lilian Chang 翻譯    Colleen Jao 審核
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