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Switzerland has always been one of my top countries to visit in Europe.
This February I finally managed to visit, and I was not disappointed.
My camera cannot even fully capture the natural beauty of this country.
Turquoise-green and ice-blue lakes showing the clearest water I have ever seen.
High and magnificent snowcapped mountains.
Covered with untouched snow just asking to be jumped in.
Stretches of green green green landscapes,
And the smell of crisp, fresh air.
Everything was just so breathtaking.
Although expensive, Switzerland is beautiful, picturesque & peaceful.
And everyone I met was also very friendly.
During my time here I: visited Mount Schilthorn
Went paragliding
Rode the scenic Golden Express Line train and saw amazing scenery that stretched for miles and miles
I saw Chateau de Chillon
Took the cable car to Mount Pilatus
Saw Blausee- the Blue Lake- This place was just like an image from a painting
I was absolutely speechless
I ate Swiss food, and of course I had to try the famous fondue
This is the tomato version
I met old friends
Made new friends
And, celebrated my birthday with a group of strangers
Who became my new friends
Overall, I really enjoyed my stay here and I am definitely coming back
Thank you and Goodbye Switzerland.
Until we meet again next time.


Travel Vlog - Switzerland

2136 分類 收藏
TT 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 18 日
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