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Whether it’s a casual low-blow tweet at your opponent or a reference to how your wife
tastes similar/ to a particularly delicious cereal.
These NBA players know exactly how to get in their
oppositions head.
Now, we know there are many NBA top tens out there in the youtube world
— but none will top this ten!
With that being said, we’re back with our list of the top ten all time
shit talkers in the NBA.
Number 10: Rasheed Wallace
Former North Carolina Tar Heel and All Star Jail-Blazer, Rasheed Wallace had a knack to
lead the league in rebounds and technical fouls.
And as of 2017, he is still the all time leader in
So the next time someone fouls you in a pick up game, remember to bring out your
inner Sheed and yell “ball don't lie”
Number 9: Kevin durant
This player recently brought out the inner bad boy.
Calling Owner Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks an IDIOT at a press conference.
And more recently, talking trash straight at the OKC
bench, and to his former teammate and Turkish Porn star mustache man Enes Kanter.
Then subsequently dropping 30 on that ass.
Just (uh?) maybe shut the fuck up - enes.
Number 8: Kevin Garnett
KG has always had the balls to square up on a fellow power forward.
But when he whispered sweet nothings to Carmelo Anthony about his
wife’s, um flavor?… he took that shit to a whole
notha level.
KG Pissed off anthony so much/ he waited for Garnett by his team bus to fight him.
That’s a good one, KG
Number 7: Kobe Bryant
for some reason, a lot of mediocre players throughout Kobe’s career trash talked him.
Maybe they thought he was soft with a middle name
like Bean.
But let it be known, all you mid level haters/ do not awaken the Fucking Black Mamba,
dude can drop 60 to like 81 on you.
But what stands Kobe out from the rest, is how he got
under his teammates skin so damn much.
Even calling Nick Young and his teammates “soft
like charmin”.
Yea, we know, a bit weak.
But still nonetheless, he hits you where it hurts.
Number 6: Gary Payton
Now a lot of top tens seem to put the glove at number 1.
But not us.
Thats reserved for greatness.
Not saying GP wasn't great.
But really ,1 championship?
But that was due to Ring blocker Michael Jordan and his 1996 Chicago
Particularly, in the series when Payton and MJ matched up/ in the 95-96 NBA finals.
Payton hit the Air-ness with a emphatic Fuck You!
Even throwing the F bomb to/ then Bulls head coach Phil Jackson.
Now that's talking shit!
Number 5: Javale McGee
Ok OK, I did say Greatness will be on the top.
But the hilarious diatribe McGee had with Shaq
on TNT’s post game show earned him a nod to the top.
Calling Shaq’s widely popular segment on the post game show “Shaqtin a Coon”.
Now c’mon that was funny.
You gotta give it to him, Mcgee might have a room temperature IQ but
atleast he stood up to the diesel.
Even tweet warring with Shaq.
Were;t you more curious as to who spelled the words out for Javale.
Uhhh how do you spell “NBA?”
Number 4: Michael Jordan
Now Back to greatness.
In order to shit talk on the court great, you need to literally be
And MJ was not only the greatest baller that ever walked the earth but was the best at
letting you know it.
Now we all know the blind free throw directed at Dikembe Mutombo.
but did you know he actually called the shots he was
going to take over Cav’s player Craig Ehlo?
Poor Craig, the only thing we remember about him/
is falling out of the way of Jordan’s ‘fist pump
jump’ celebration.
On wikipedia, it is known as simply, ‘The Shot’.
Number 3: Reggie Miller
Miller has said the only reason why he became such a great shit talker was because his older
sister Cheryl Miller used to punk him on the driveway of their childhood home.
But don’t be fooled, Cheryl was a stud at bball and
even dropping 100 in a high school game.
Top that Lamelo!
Even Director Spike Lee , a notable Knicks fan, gives ode to the great shit talker in
his 30 for 30 titled “Winning Time”.
While Reggie breaks down the psychology of shit talking.
Sorry John Starks.
Number 2: Charles Barkley
good possibility, barkley came out the womb talking shit.
Even after his career was over in the NBA, Barkley is still woofing.
Pissing off King James to the point of personal comebacks and
Lebron even showing emotions.
Haha Lebron has emotions!
Whata bitch!
Number 1: Shaquille Oneal
This one was obvious.
Not only was Shaq the best shit talker in the NBA/ he may possibly hold
the crown as the best on the planet.
He’s not only big as fuck but dude is straight hilarious.
Even calling the Sacramento Kings the Sacramento Queens after kicking their ass every year
in the playoffs.
Damn Shaq, kick a hoe when they're down.
But it gets even better than that.
Shaq had the propensity to give players the shitttiest but truest nicknames.
Calling Tim Duncan’s boring ass ‘Big Fundamentals.’
It's funny cuz its true!
But the one you'll agree with is his hilarious riff and some may call it bullying
of Javale McGee on Shaqtin a Fool.
Luckily dumb dumb Mcgee is getting lob passes from Curry
and Durant on the warriors now.
Because Shaq’s hate almost had Javale out the NBA door for
uhhhh N. b. uhhhhh a?
Good Javale..Good.
And there you have it, our list of the Top 10 NBA Shit Talkers, think you got what it
takes to make this list?
let's see who’s the best shit talker in the comment section below, and as always,
don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.


向NBA選手學習,避免令人厭惡的行為 (Top 10 NBA Shit Talkers)

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