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In Kung Fu Yoga, Aarif Lee also has an important partner, that is, Zhang Yixing
However when Aarif mentioned him, he let out a complaint
That day he was too handsome
I'm telling you! He stole my thunder!
That day, that day all the girls were all like 'hi who is this?' 'Yixing is too handsome!'
I was just dumbly sitting, how tacky was I
What happened?
We went to the chief's house to eat a meal
uh, a very very formal dinner
And he had a small piano over there
That chief said whoever knows how to play can go play at any time
I said Yixing go perform something
He performed spontaneously
about 20 minutes of playing self indulgingly
Afterwards when he was done, all the people were clapping
Reporter: So that time he stole all your thunder?
Refuse to accept!
Often times now, I will play and sing on the piano at home
My dog gets really happy
Zhang Yixing stealing his thunder in a big way
and he can only go home to play the piano to his dog
really makes the heart ache
Yixing go perform something
Ah, that, that's not good
This is just a joke! Aarif Lee revealed that outside of work
They are actually like minded good friends
(During breaks) Yixing and I would take out our guitars and sing together
and discuss his music
And I discovered, wah, his music dream is really strong and intense
and he's very enthusiastic about music
and he has a kind of not giving up kind of strength
When I see Yixing being persistent with music
My dream is to be an action actor
Then I need to work harder to make that dream come true
My dream is to become an action actor
then I need to work harder to realize my dream


《功夫瑜伽》訪談 ([Eng Sub] 170116 China Movie Report: Kung Fu Yoga Aarif Lee Interview Yixing Mention Cut)

617 分類 收藏
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