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In certain quarters, cynicism has a distinct kind of glamour.
It sounds pretty tough not to have too many hopes, and to claim to be able to see through the dreams of others.
Cynics will tell you that everyone is selfish and weak,
that the system is rigged and driven by greed,
that you can never succeed, so it's pointless and contemptible to try,
that all ideals are ridiculous,
and the do-gooders are only out to show off their own supposed virtues.
It's hopeless to try to disprove cynicism.
There will always be an abundance of vivid examples to back up a catastrophic interpretation of humanity.
But what identifies people as cynics, is not so much what they claim - as why they do so.
The downbeat assessments are based not on a dispassionate analysis of our species,
but on an inner emotional compulsion.
Their philosophy is, first and foremost, a defense against suffering.
Beneath that gruff surface, cynics are afflicted by a near hysterical fragility,
around the idea of expecting anything, which turns out to be less impressive than they'd hoped.
And so they twist their mental apparatus to secure themselves against the eventuality of any discouragement.
They disappoint themselves before the world can ever do it for them, at a time and in a manner of its own choosing.
Cynics may look like people trying very hard to see the facts as they are,
but in truth, they are trying even harder to insulate themselves against pain.
The origin of their stance is not worldly experience and insight;
it is - rather more poignantly - psychological trauma.
Somewhere in the past, they will probably have been a blow to their hopes
that felt too powerful to handle.
Sadly though cynics don't give away the slightest clue as to their touching and vulnerable backstories,
they will instead talk stridently about corruption and manipulation,
pile up ample examples of greed, and profit complex sounding theories about economics.
But what they won't do, is voluntarily or easily reveal how their father humiliated them when he was drunk,
or how it felt when their mother ran away to another city when they were just five.
The cynic, is never truly and completely cynical.
They are still recovering from hopes that grew too painful to avow.
A natural temptation, when encountering a cynic, is to try to argue them out of their attitude, by citing counter-examples,
but this, is in its own way cruel, because it misunderstands what cynicism is about.
It is an emotional protection. In essence, a mode of coping, learned under conditions of duress.
What the cynic really needs, and yet fears they may never get, so naturally never asks for, is kindness.
The kindness that may eventually help them to rekindle their stunted, secret desires, for hope, and fulfillment.



厭世的人真正想要的是什麼? (What Do Cynical People Really Want?)

35413 分類 收藏
Chun Yang Leung 發佈於 2018 年 3 月 15 日



do-gooder 的意思是指「樂善好施的人」,不過這個詞帶有貶義,形容一個人干預他人事物,卻自以為很好心,然而受到幫助的那方卻不見得會感激這樣的協助。
We don’t need more do-gooders; we need more people who will really make a difference.

2back up0:39
back up 常見的意思有兩種,其一為「支持」,比如說 back up friends 「支持朋友」。而另一解釋為「備份」,手機備份、電腦備份、照片備份都是使用這個單字。
It’s better to back up your phone once in a while in case it stops working someday.

3first and foremost1:02
first and foremost 的意思為「首先且最重要」,foremost 本身即表示「首先」、「重要」,這個片語與 first of all 含義相似,因此下次聽到別人說 first and foremost,就得專心聽囉!
Countries should, first and foremost, run their own affairs well.

壞習慣!到底要如何完全戒掉?!How to Break Bad Habits

trauma 有兩個意思,皆表示受傷的含義,一是身體上「外傷」,另一則為較常見的心靈上「創傷」,例如小時候曾經受過大打擊導致陰影存在,即可稱之為 childhood trauma
The guy is still suffering from the trauma of the 921 earthquake.
那男子還沒平復 921 大地震時造成的創傷。

你信以為真的7個大腦迷思 (7 Myths About The Brain You Thought Were True)

5pile up2:12
pile up 一般的意思為「堆積」、「堆疊」,比如累積了很多工作或作業沒做,就可以說 work is piling up,而另一解釋為「追撞」,用來表示車子連環相撞事故。
Let's pile up the fallen leaves in the corner and sweep up the floor.


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