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- Happy Monday, everyone.
Let's kill this week.
- Ryan Gosling is so cute, MCM.
- I have such a crush on Big Sean.
- Do what you love,
and you'll never have a problem with Monday.
- Jess, why are you sitting like that?
- So you can see my whole outfit, silly.
By the way, my shirt is Forever 21.
My jeans are Topshop.
My shoes are Adidas.
And René Cortez did my hair.
- The wind in my hair,
the sun in my eyes, and the open road.
This is freedom.
This is life.
- My hair is so healthy and long.
It's probably because of these sugar bear gummies I've been eating.
Yeah, I went from Mr. Clean to Rapunzel in one month.
- My breakfast.
This is my breakfast.
I have breakfast, look.
Burrito, orange.
This is my breakfast.
I'm gonna eat this.
My breakfast.
You see it?
- That looks good.
By the way, I just uploaded a new video.
Check it out.
- I'm starting a live video.
- Awake, alive, blessed.
- I'm way up.
I feel blessed.
By the way, have you guys watched my new video yet?
- Not yet.
I'm too busy having a blast with my favorite ladies.
No new friends.
- And I'm having a blast getting in shape
in my new waist trainer.
Yeah, I've gone from a size five
to a size one in just two weeks.
- Dreams come a size too big, so we can grow into them.
- Hey, remember when we were growing up?
What's that show we used to all watch?
- I'll tell you on Thursday.
- By the way, I just uploaded a new vlog.
Tell three of your friends.
- Starbucks.
I got a Starbucks.
I'm drinking this.
This is mine.
- Lazy Mondays with my mommy.
- I'm starting a live video.
- Ugh, all this conversation has made me thirsty.
I'm parched.
Thank God I have my FitTea with me.
I love this stuff.
It's cleared my skin, improved my grades,
and lowered my phone bill.
- You know what they say.
The darkest nights produce the brightest stars.
- What does that have to do with what's happening right now?
By the way, did you watch my new vlog yet?
Let me know, what's your favorite part?
- I did.
I can watch anything on the go with Verizon Wireless.
With just a simple click, I'm surfing the web.
- Not all those who wander are lost.
- No caption?
Damn, that's deep.
- Hey, hey, I'm starting a live video.
- Ugh, no one cares!
Find out what I don't care about in my new video.
Check it out.
- Oh, look at my watch.
You want this watch too?
Use my discount code: 143watch.
- Current mood.
- I'm starting a live video.
- I'm starting a live video.
- I'm starting a live video.
- Stop!
I don't care.
Wait, hold on.
I'm starting a live video.
Watch before it ends.
- What up everyone?
It's your girl, Superwoman.
Hope you enjoyed that video.
If you did, you know what to do.
Give it a big thumbs up.
Check out my last video, right over there.
Second vlog channel right over there.
Make sure you pre-order my book.
There's a square somewhere right over there.
It's in the description as well.
And then make sure you subscribe
'cause I make videos every Monday and Thursday.
But more than that, have a good day.
One love.
That is a wrap and zoom!


如果大家都跟 Instagram 發文一樣地講話? (If People Talked Like Their Instagram Captions)

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韓澐 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 30 日    Clément 翻譯    Colleen Jao 審核
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