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  • Released on Christmas Day, and directed by the one-and-only Steven Spielberg, this feel

  • good war-epic stars Jeremy Irvine as a young Briton who falls in love with a plucky thoroughbred

  • horse named Joey, who can seemingly do everything. When World War I breaks out, Joey is sold

  • to the army, and drifts from person to person during the war, going from one battlefield

  • to the next, with his wishful owner hoping he'll someday return. [CLIP] It is a simple,

  • and kid-friendly story about the love of a pet that transcends all boundaries, which

  • is why it's unfortunate this plot-thread is seemingly abandoned for the entire middle

  • act as Joey's owner is nowhere to be found. As expected though, the film is expertly direct

  • and filmed by Spielberg, who makes full use of the European countryside both before and

  • during the first great war. The acting is sufficient here, but sometimes approaches

  • soap-opera levels of scenery-chewing. Besides a clever scene between enemies who cease warfare

  • to help the injured Joey stuck in the barbed wire of No Man's Land - nothing particularly

  • amazing or surprising ever occurs in this film. Joey the horse is seen as an underdog

  • from the start, but that never stops him from constantly impressing the doubtful humans

  • taking care of him, whether it's the German army, or a small French girl who finds him

  • in a windmill. This is a fun, and delightful movie that plays everything by the book, and

  • never makes any missteps - but with a predictable ending, this film sorely lacks any real suspense

  • or consequence, and fails to really achieve a true level of greatness. "Warhorse", an

  • "Heavy-handed inspiration of wartime". Those are my thoughts, now let's take a look at

  • some of yours from the YouTube comments.

  • For the last time tonight, here's the Rate-O-Matic to score "War Horse", a SEVEN and a NINE.

  • You loved this film presentation and inspirational message, you scored it an "awesome". While

  • I appreciated everything this film accomplished, it never really impressed me - I thought it

  • was "cool".

Released on Christmas Day, and directed by the one-and-only Steven Spielberg, this feel


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戰馬--評論#JPMN (War Horse -- Review #JPMN)

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