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Lanzarote is the easternmost island of the Spanish archipelago
known as the Canary Islands.
Lanzarote was created by volcanic forces
millions of years ago and its people have embraced
the beauty of its stunning landscape in unique and creative ways.
Over the generations,
many myths have abounded about the Canary Islands.
Its original inhabitants believed the
volcanic mountains to be the home of the gods,
while early scholars believed the area to be
the uppermost mountains of the Lost City of Atlantis.
With its spectacular landscapes,
organic architecture and striking beaches,
Lanzarote is perhaps the most magical of all the Canary Islands.
There is no better place to begin your time here
than at the César Manrique Foundation
once the home and studio of this island’s most famous son.
It is the site of a volcanic eruption
and many of the rooms are built into caves created by volcanic bubbles.
Artist, architect and visionary,
Manrique’s work was the perfect marriage of human creativity and mother nature.
Manrique’s touch is everywhere throughout Lanzarote,
from the Jardin de Cactus …….
to the spectacular lookout of Mirador del Rio.
Descend the stone steps of Jameos del Agua
to really understand the depths of Manrique’s vision for this island.
This breathtaking network of caves has been transformed
into one of the most beautiful concert venues and restaurants you’ll ever visit.
Just a short journey away,
hire a guide and go even deeper at the Cueva de los Verdes,
the green caves.
The massive forces that forged these islands,
left behind incredibly dramatic scenery.
Take a tour through Timanfaya National Park.
See the “fire mountains”
and bear witness as the heat from the center of the earth reaches the surface.
Witness the earth’s power at Los Hervideros Caves.
These caves were formed when red hot lava met the ocean and on windy days,
the tempestuous ocean still seems to boil.
Cool down at one of the island’s spectacular beaches.
Stroll to Papagayo Beach or
pull up a sun lounge at Playa Blanca at the south of the island.
At Punta Mujeres,
relax in one of the rock pools or go snorkelling off the pebbled cove.
Or, make the trip to Yaiza,
and stroll the streets of the 17th-century town centre.
Manrique believed that no building on
the island should be higher than a palm tree,
and his passion for the local environment meant
that most of the villages of Lanzarote have maintained
much of their authentic flavour.
As night falls, head to Puerto del Carmen,
Lanzarote’s main tourist town and enjoy views
across the harbour to the volcanic mountains of Papagayo.
Guided by the visionary hand of César Manrique,
Lanzarote learned many years ago to embrace
the unique gifts bestowed on it by Mother Nature.
This island understands the true nature of beauty
and as you watch the sun setting over this magnificent island,
so will you.


戀戀加那利~~ (Lanzarote Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia)

731 分類 收藏
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