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In 2011, GK Films acquired the movie rights to Tomb Raider, with the plans of rebooting
the iconic video game franchise on the big screen.
Several years later, things have finally come together and fans will be getting a new Tomb
Raider movie in 2018, and the cameras have just begun rolling on production.
From what we've already seen and heard about the movie, it's shaping up to be a really
big deal, so here's what we know about the reboot so far.
Cast and crew
Several women have voiced Lara Croft in the various video games, but the only woman to
play her on the big screen was Angelina Jolie in the early 2000s.
Many actresses in Hollywood were after the iconic role, and Warner Bros. wanted to make
sure it got the right person for the job.
After reportedly meeting with several actresses, including The Force Awakens breakout Daisy
Ridley, the studio settled on recent Oscar winner, Alicia Vikander.
Judging from the set photos that have emerged from the production so far, it looks like
Vikander was a fine fit for the leading lady role.
The Affair star Dominic West has also been cast to play Lara's father, Lord Richard Croft,
while Daniel Wu steps in as ship captain Lu Ren and Walton Goggins takes the villainous role of Father Mathias Vogel.
According to Goggins, we can expect the film's antagonist to be a bit unconventional … which
explains why he was chosen for the role, of course.
"Let me make your special afternoon coffee."
He told Yahoo of his on-screen counterpart, "There are real reasons behind his antagonism,
and it's not what you'd expect.
He is very complicated, and his motivations are pure."
On the other hand, he also told Collider that his character is "confused, angry, and desperate,"
so it sounds like we're gonna get the array of emotions from a guy who knows how to do them all with his kooky smile.
"Well ain't love grand.
Y'all wanna lay on the ground and make snow angels together?"
Meanwhile, Norwegian director Roar Uthaug, whose 2015 disaster film The Wave put him
on the map, will be helming the pic based on a script from industry newcomer Geneva
Robertson-Dworet, who got Hollywood's attention with her Blacklisted scripts, Hibernation
and Ares and wrote the script for Transformers 5.
So, there's a lot of promising talent packed into this production already on the creative side.
But that's not all ...
An origin story to define the franchise
After years of waiting, fans finally got their hands on a new Tomb Raider game in 2013, thanks
to the folks at Crystal Dynamics, who rebooted the series with a franchise-defining origin story.
Now, Warner Bros., whose interactive entertainment arm co-published the game's sequel, wants to do the same for Tomb Raider on the movie side.
And to do that, it's basing the upcoming reboot on the video game's story.
After all, Tomb Raider is a video game franchise first and foremost."
Vikander herself has said that the film will be based on this 2013 game reboot in that it's "more of an origin story".
She told Uproxx, "You get into an emotional aspect of getting to know Lara hopefully in an in-depth way".
Having the reboot follow the basic premise of the video game reboot is great and all,
but we have to hope there are at least a few twists we don't see coming.
A psychological adventure to mess with your head
According to Goggins, the story is like "Raiders of the Lost Ark meets a genre version of the
Joseph Conrad novel Victory: An Island Tale."
Once he read the script, he said he "jumped at the chance" of doing it, so let's unpack what he means there, shall we?
For starters, although there have been countless adventure movies over the years, the film
to beat is still Steven Spielberg's Raiders of the Lost Ark, the first Indiana Jones movie,
because it's the prototypical treasure-adventure flick that inspired a great many directors,
including Roar Uthaug, to join the filmmaking industry in the first place.
As for that second pop culture reference, Conrad's Victory: An Island Tale is a 1915
psychological story about a man who ends up living on an island in what is now Indonesia due to a business mishap.
Though complex, the story deals with the effects of isolation (especially on an island) and how that can blur the lines between what is civilized and what is barbaric.
Seeing as Tomb Raider deals with someone being stranded on an island, this must mean we'll
get to see how Lara Croft breaks through her misfortunes in wildly exciting Indy style again,
perhaps with some more shark-punching this time around?
A different kind of Lara Croft
Those who don't play the Tomb Raider video games may not be well-versed in Lara Croft's
history -- her characteristics, her background, or the reason she does what she does.
She's an iconic video game character, but is she someone people can aspire to be?
You know, aside from the whole being abandoned on a remote island mess?
That hasn't been explored on screen before, which is something Roar Uthaug is looking to change.
He told IGN, "I think making Lara Croft feel like a real human being, that's definitely
something we want to bring to the big screen as well.
I think we'll want to make people relate to Lara as a character."
"What are you saying ?
I have no idea what you're saying ?"
For starters it might not be too bad an idea to dial down her sexuality factor.
It's no secret that the video game industry tends to oversexualize its female characters,
a trend that arguably began with the first Tomb Raider game over 20 years ago, and critics
can't seem to agree on whether Lara is a positive or negative female role model for young girls (and gamers) because of that.
Sure, she's a strong character who relies heavily on her wits to survive extraordinary
situations, and that is what drew Uthaug to the project in the first place, so perhaps
the new reboot will purge the belief that Lara might be a "cyber bimbo" and restore her image as a strong female human character.
Tomb Raider began filming on January 23, 2017, which makes it right on schedule for the film
to meet its March 16, 2018 release date, and we can't wait.
Consider our tickets for this action-packed adventure drama already purchased.
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重啟版《古墓奇兵》電影即將於2018年上映! (The Tomb Raider Movie Reboot Will Be Better Than You Think)

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