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Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dogs 101
The prefered pooch of the British Royal Family since 1903, the highly intelligent and athletic
Pembroke Welsh Corgi are one of the most popular dog breeds today.
They’re compact logs of fur with hearts of pure gold.
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We’ve wrangled up ten amazing facts about these fun little pooches that will surely
put a smile on your face.
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According to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, it is believed that the Pembroke's
ancestry dates back to at least the 10th century.
It is unknown, however, whether they are descended from the Swedish Vallhunds that were possibly
brought to Pembrokeshire by the Vikings, or from the ancestors of the present-day Pomeranians
brought to Wales by Flemish weavers.
Either way, from the beginning, the Welsh used Pembroke Welsh Corgis (also called Pembrokes
or Pems) as herding dogs, family companions, and guardians on the farm.
Even today, these dogs are still expert herders and many Pembrokes compete in AKC Herding
Pembrokes are one of the smartest dog breeds as ranked by psychology professor Dr. Stanley
They are able to learn commands in 5-10 repetitions and 85% of the time they obey the command
the first time.
The Pembroke is one of two seperate breeds known as Welsh Corgi.
In 1934, the AKC recognized the Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi as two distinct breeds.
What's different about these two dogs?
First, the Cardigan traces his origins to Cardiganshire, and the Pembroke to Pembrokeshire.
The dogs also have easily identifiable physical differences.
The Cardigan has a tail, while the Pembroke's is docked close to his body.
The Pembroke has a shorter body, and his ears are pointed, while the Cardigan's are more
rounded at the tips.
According to legend, the Pem is an “enchanted dog” favored by fairies and elves.
At night the magical creatures would use the dogs to pull their carriages and be their
steeds in battle.
Some say the markings on a corgi’s coat suggest the faint outline of a saddle and
SoCal Corgi Beach Day started as a humble meet-up event at Huntington Beach in 2012.
At first it only had 12 attendees, but the last event had over 600.
According to the SoCal Corgi Beach Day Facebook page, the event happens four times a year.
Some of the owners will dress up their corgis in costumes: one woman dressed like Katy Perry
and put her dogs into Left and Right Shark costumes.
Speaking of Cali, several celebrities keep Pembroke Welsh Corgi companions.
Some include Jennifer Aniston, Hilary Swank, and Stephen King, who also featured Pems in
his books, Under the Sea and The Regulators.
Also, Queen Elizabeth II is known to have owned more than 30 Pembrokes.
The Pembroke is fun, friendly, devoted, and willing to please.
It behaves well with children, but it may nip at heels during play - a trait it keeps
from its herding days.
Many Pembroke Welsh Corgis are shy around strangers and some bark incessantly.
But most of these traits can be quelched with early socialization and training.
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a "big dog" with short legs.
He's built long and low to the ground, but with a robust body, heavy bones, and a working
dog temperament.
Don't expect the "little dog" mannerisms from a Pembroke.
This quick-witted dog is Spirited and athletic, yet a steady and dependable companion.
Like most double coated dogs.
Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed a lot.
You'll find hair and fur deposited all over your clothing, upholstery, carpeting, under
your furniture, on your countertops -- even in your food.
Frequent vacuuming will become a way of life.
Otherwise, he is fairly low maintenance.
While they may look different in stature, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are closely related
to Siberian Huskies.
They are both in the Spitz family of dogs, characterized by their thick fur and pointed
ears and muzzle.
Well, there ya have it, a short list of facts about a short but mighty dog.
What Pembroke facts would you add to our list?
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