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Hello, What's your name
hello hfjvfjjhv
hc hdhchdh
So why have you come on the show, Sky?
This is my chance
I gotta show everyone what I got
I am fresh
Yes, yes sir
I am what ? I am fresher than you
I am fresh, like a bowl of salad
You're fresh!
Omg sky
You're like a little tornado
You're already a star
real attitude look great cool you
Simon: you scared me
Sky: kids should scare you
Simon: ye well my son scares me and he is 2, 4 "yes's"
All about the swag and I am all about the style
Walking to the club and the girls go wild
All about the style and I am all about the bling
Check it out
hoo noo
Here we go
Please help me god, I feel so alone
I am just a kid how can I take it on my own
Trying to figure out where I belong
I wake up everyday don't wanna leave my home
My mom is asking me, why I am always alone
Too scared to say to scared to halla
well hammer power I'm just looking at
what one looks when it was on the bed my
life's a mess that means you call me
they go real bad I want to come along if
you haven't talked with my dad I feel
from sweaters over the screws we're
gonna fly a woman boy so clean with the
bully don't wanna Grundy you know I
hello dad I'm leaving you don't know yes
I am hopeful for two days if new weezer
and he'll make a way I know
hey that's okay just be well I didn't
say yes because I never had to play I
ain't gonna wear you think oh I have
when I give it to you after four bags
how people skip me you shall we tell you
pick me country let me do the graph when
i add you yo whatever done you hit me
again I'll make one of my mouth guess I
am be hopeful for two days their kids
new singing outfit but it make you wait
happy ho ho and he'll make away uh no
way they need paper that's okay do
people Halloween yo mr. Cooley help me
please look like what
oh yes I help for two days nick is new
maybe you ought to take you away every
hole for me hopeful and he'll make me
wait i know i will reign TV plus that's
thank you everyone stay long
things I would hardly need to continue
with the world but let's have some more
comments Amanda I'm just so happy for
you your voice is beautiful we always
hear the minute you starting that verb
they actually thought if my eye that is
really really move it we chose when you
only rap in shock yes I do going all out
to young kids like stuff to come out and
I'm thing about something that really
affects you do it in the stall that's
completely yours is a really rare thing
that's why you got that golden buzzer
well you know what I've heard its own
launched a song today and I just
literally losing the will to live you
know what I listen to every word
this stuff happen in your life I got
believe it when I was young mother
notable yes we also gone oh yeah i think
that rat cook appear here I really do I
really really like
thank you
tell me oh noes on boys hi I'm heir to
do there hey Patrick educativa uh-huh
wait for bout you do you prefer you can
you see a hole thank you sugar lips loco
you know or I hope is earlier saunemin
cafeteria keewatin there okily culero
sure you do somehow sure they are
absolute yeah car air to skate on so I'm
gonna sing Africa dawg holla we who
would talk women move okay adjustment
hollow on the move may call you Holly
mr. Hearst oh I pick be something on
field order for mundo de so dungeons the
only lets the shelf where you should i
spilt a song am a beast official come
come to League law I'm going to be lazy
or diagrams for you and beliefs or
slowed a big flamengo or can be some man
responds nanak dev all of the time and
so on polonium a clear to mike golic
yeah not be like let me go
oh mama I'm i never stop talking to you
don't you ever stop talking back I know
you tried mama hold my hand hold on
tight for Tom if you can I hope in my
heart that I could see open the model in
my mind go free open my heart so that
people can see what kind of thing is if
above the ring means the buns all right
and I find you please but as we sort you
to need a green way too much they can
barely breathe either given in this is
what i need for 16 years is my first and
i remember that ticket i was there a
drop for the head my hands didn't answer
for the advanced who fell try mom
without any hair on the head what what
you mean it disappears since we're
diving the wedding the cheek can you
build the courage you needed to speak
and the monkey pen was suddenly been
made me open so I came over to hose me
harder than I can read my mother anyone
never fucking me but that was actually
the porn is counted it all became so
clear but too many dollars in the
2-minute said something was wrong but
how do you ever been the pumpkin seed to
the Birdman of our lotus or stuck as in
San with a minute for kids that I didn't
go to hear take good care of the town of
the shit so good news Corte sea bass
room but love they're trying to cut me
down but it went to my head this is what
he told me was it worth it mom I never
saw don't you ever stop talking back
I know you tired mama hold mine hold on
tight Oh long as you can
I might never stop talking to you don't
you ever stop talking back
I know you tied mama hold my hand
hold on tight for a song you can close
my eyes only to see what my mind keeps
showing me on the dreams keep killing me
colorama left upset me pretty darkness
but I'm going on as he comes to my knees
but I'm holding on my hand side up
goddamn this rope or a biscuit but I'm
losing hope when I come home to put on
me come on and I be sure she can't he I
can do but take your seat so the
conversation in hear her speak it's my
opinion so when I gotta leave ordering
the hand for one will be there any I in
a case for energy from Roman that
Senator croci by my lips but believe
that room it is me and it killed my mood
of a substitute in the middle of a build
content to what I mean how to do but it
talking to you lose you log into 1 minus
in the case you can't have to talk to
you don't you have talked about you
really dislike him but I thought about
you cloud Castle jazz music it sounds
dapoli a disaster for how would you rock
do when your best on with easy and I
wasn't smiling you always in the talks
now my other courtesan I almost forgot
I'm giving up on the questions
don't you ever stop talking back
I know you tired mama hold mine hold on
tight hold on
nervous boss lie angle cleanser
Josh Wow hi no my favor bag for the Bell
so they'll know Girl Talk man mr. Alcala
tetas sesame all indistinct test
infantiles Eminem diagnostic abilities
on dash of God for me later he'll also
see it that applies to the silencer
there's drama this judgment on
acceptance or go to first Nina also
stole the book so awful long not
discoverable a dozen oh there you have
it so then fucking happy Jimmy Frey Oh
take you out there yeah cuz my lord in
our heads off till you can cause I let's
assume get off before cancer
the Australian technique or des autoplay
meant of the variant of sonic reef
restored Despero follow their son to
Iraq Yemen saw as instead ahead in your
song mystic of middling on do some props
then everything a tequila some fo do I
detect activity
what am I then typing it Oh God but it's
like I literally was just above are all
of sense also opposed to secret up his
asshole everything set up decision
already haha miskova how I get on for


【英國達人秀】史上最強五大饒舌歌手!Talent Show 厲害!!! (TOP 5 BEST RAPPERS on Got Talent From Across The World! | Got Talent Global)

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