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LAURA LING: You had a pretty difficult childhood.
Tell me about it.
DAVID WANG: Yeah, I was a pretty unhappy kid growing up.
I would be afraid of going to school
because I would get bullied pretty often, physically
and verbally.
They would call me like a loser, stupid, skinny, small, retarded.
So this was about when I was five years old, right here.
I had just moved to a new school,
and I had a hard time assimilating and fitting in.
LAURA LING: Why were kids bullying you?
DAVID WANG: Because I was typically
one of the smallest kids and the skinniest kid, the youngest as well.
My legs were so skinny that I had to wear braces on them
because my quads were so weak.
I was really insecure.
I just was a really shy kid.
I was not confident in myself.
LAURA LING: How often would you get bullied?
DAVID WANG: Almost on a daily occurrence.
There were a couple really vivid incidents
that still are in my mind.
Once I was pulled back and choked by a bully and strangled
and slammed to the ground.
And no one really helped me.
People around me were actually laughing and ridiculing me.
LAURA LING: How did that make you feel?
DAVID WANG: When you are bullied, and you're put down,
you really feel helpless.
I decided to just isolate myself.
I would lie in bed at night,
and I would think about the knife set downstairs in my kitchen.
And I would think ok, if I just took these knives
and I, you know, cut myself, I bet no one would care.
I didn't know how to control my anger.
I didn't have an outlet at all.
I mean, one time I punched a wall, broke my hand,
and that kind of was an epiphany for me after that.
You know, I have to start finding
a different kind of outlet or else I'm
going to end up hurting myself.
LAURA LING: So what did you do?
DAVID WANG: So instead of punching things,
I started working out in my room.
I felt invigorated.
I felt really happy and focused.
I felt really just alive.
LAURA LING: And how has this ritual fitness changed your life?
DAVID WANG: So it started with that,
working out in my bedroom, but it was really
training in the gym that I fell in love with it.
And I was actually around other people,
so it wasn't like me isolating myself.
When I go to the gym, I always take at least 15 minutes
to just put in my headphones and visualize
what I'm going to do that day.
If you're not focused, you're just going through the motions,
and that's not going to give you the best results.
LAURA LING: When you look in the mirror now,
who is the person that you see?
DAVID WANG: I see a lot more confident person.
I see someone who's made a lot of progress,
and most of all I see someone who is on a journey.
The gym is symbolic in my life.
It's just a haven for me.
It's given me my closest friendships.
I could even say it's kind of like a sanctuary for me,
because it's really therapeutic for me to be there,
and I decided to become a trainer
and inspire and motivate other people,
and I just fell in love with that, as well.
LAURA LING: What would you say to that young person who is being bullied and beaten up?
I think life takes you on a course
that sometimes you just don't know what's going to happen.
And I personally never would have
thought I would be at USC, having a passion for fitness like I do right now.
It will make you stronger, and that's
what I would say to me 12-year-old self
to just stay strong and push through it.
You will be OK.
LAURA LING: Bullying is something
that sadly too many people face in life,
but I hope you were inspired by David's story of strength
and determination.
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And you can watch another story about a young dancer
whose discipline and passion have allowed
her to live out her dream.
RIO ANDERSON: As a student, each performance
matters so much, because you just don't have as many.
And in the competitions, you only have one chance on stage.
It's a lot of pressure.



面對霸凌,這是他的成長史 (This Student's Powerful Answer To Bullying)

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影片中的 fit in 指的是「融入,或對一個團體有歸屬感」。也可以是相當適合一項工作或職務的意思。
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

此外,fit 也可以是形容衣物「合身」,例如片語 fit like a glove 就是指「超級合身,很好穿」,像是個手套一樣,是不是很有趣的形容呢!
This pair of pants is super comfortable and fits like a glove.

再來介紹 fit 的另一個口語上的用法,有看過經典喜劇《小姐好白》的人應該都不陌生。bitch fit 指的是女性大發飆,大吵大鬧的時候,跟 temper tantrum 近義。所以當《小姐好白》的主角在飯店櫃檯 check in 拿不出證件時,就說了「I'm gonna have a bitch fit!」想要藉此嚇唬櫃台人員。
I'm gonna have a bitch fit if you keep ignoring me!

braces 泛指用來支持或連接的護具,所以「護腕、護腰、護膝、支架」等都可以叫做 braces。但更常見的情況是指「牙套」,因為美國人很注重牙齒美觀,當地青少年戴牙套矯正牙齒是相當常見的。
It is pretty common for teenagers to wear braces in America.

brace 也有「準備」的意思,通常的用法是 brace oneself for + 某事,代表「為某事將自己準備好」。
She told me to brace myself for the exciting news she is going to tell me.

如果用在形容記憶、一段敘述的話,vivid 指的是「清晰的,生動的,詳細的」。影片中的 vivid incidents 就是說這些事件還很生動、清晰的在腦海裡。
She gave a vivid description about her vacation in Norway.

如果 vivid 是在形容顏色的話,則是指顏色「鮮豔的,明亮的,強烈的」,跟 vibrant 近義。
The painter's use of vivid colors is one of her most attractive characteristic.

在基督教中是指 1 月 6 號的主顯節,是一個重要的慶典。但是在一般日常生活中使用的時候,指的是「頓悟,靈光一閃」的瞬間。也可以用 aha moment 來形容,因為頓悟的時候常常會發出 aha 的聲音。
It was an epiphany when she realized she can still be happy when she is single.

【TED】Jinsop Lee:五感設計 (Design for all 5 senses)

這個字有「儀式」的意思,尤其是指宗教上的。不過在日常對話中,更常見的是指「重複發生的例行公事」。例如 morning ritual 就是指每天早上起床後必做的事情。
My morning rituals includes taking a shower, styling my hair, and drinking a cup of coffee.

daily ritual 則是指每天必做的事。
Going to that coffee shop for a cup of cappuccino in the afternoon has become his daily ritual.

超實用!常被失眠所擾嗎?百萬人點閱的好睡五招! (How to Sleep Better)

看到他之前大腿太瘦弱還需要裝上支架,到現在可以深蹲硬舉,小 V 真的覺得好佩服。大家遇到挫折或是被欺負時,也可以效法他的精神,努力做的更好給那些人看。

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