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Whether you are watching an entire Netflix series in one sitting
or playing the newest Zelda from start to finish,
most of us spend a significant time in front of screens.
But is binge watching bad for your brain and body ?
In the past it may have actually been deadly !
In 1967, an era in manufacturing led to the selling of TV's
which emitted harmful X-Rays with radiation levels 100,000 times higher than what is considered safe today.
But even modern televisions cause a strain on your eyes.
Under normal circumstances, humans blink around 18 times per minute,
but when staring at a screen, this rate decreases drastically,
causing sore and tired eyes.
Fortunately, these symptoms are generally short-term.
In children, however, simply spending extended hours indoors can have developmental effects
A condition called Myopia where the eyes cannot focus properly
is seen much more frequently in children who spend more time inside.
Not only are you constantly forced to focus on nearby objects
as opposed to far-off landscapes and distances.
But scientists believe that the sun itself, may actually play a role in healthy eye regulation.
And while TV might feel like a nice way to relax your body and brain,
that may not always be a good thing.
Not only is a sedentary lifestyle a major contributor to obesity,
but studies have shown that, people who watch less TV tend to burn more calories.
Even if they aren't doing more physical activity.
Simply doing more mentally rigorous tasks like reading, playing a board game or
simple household activities requires more energy and burns more calories.
And if you want to truly relax, TV before bed may also be hurting you.
Studies have shown that it may actually reduce the hours of quality sleep.
Contributing to chronic sleep debt.
It may also affect other bed time activities.
Researchers have found that those who watch more than twenty hours of TV a week
have on average a 44% reduction in sperm.
But perhaps the most significant findings relate directly to your lifespan.
Not only is there a documented correlation between
TV viewing time and risk for diabetes and heart disease
but as shocking as it might be multiple studies have found a correlation between
TV viewing time and all causes of death .
One study concluded that every hour spent in front of the TV
may cut as much as 22 minutes of your life.
Of course correlation does not equal causation
and you can have a healthy relationship with TV if consumed in moderation like anything else.
At the root of many of these claims is the physical inactivity associated with prolonged TV watching.
Ultimately the more you move, the more you live.
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看太多電視對身體有害嗎? (Is Binge Watching Bad For You?)

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Mii Wei 發佈於 2017 年 7 月 15 日   Mii Wei 翻譯   Kiara 審核



1in one sitting      0:02
這個片語的意思是「 一口氣地、 一次地」,從字面上可以想成「在坐下來的那段時間中一次解決、做完某件事」,因此用來形容「做一件事情沒有暫停,一口氣地完成任務沒有休息」。
Are you gonna read that 300 pages book in one sitting?

Those teenagers can finish a whole turkey in one sitting.

2binge       0:10
這個單字當作名詞用,意思是「(短時間內的)狂歡」、「暴走行為」,前後常搭配某種行為的動名詞,來表示「瘋狂地做某事」,例如: go on a drinking binge  (狂飲作樂) 或 go on a shopping binge(瘋狂購物)。影片中的 binge watching,就是指「飆影集」,例如一天就追完一季美劇的瘋狂行為。
The girls went on a shopping binge and spent all their money.

Binge drinking among college students has drawn considerable attention in recent years.

binge 也能當作動詞使用,意思是「瘋狂做某事」,後面常搭配介系詞 on
Lots of students binge on movies, television and video games during their summer break.

另外一個相似的名詞是 spree,它本身的意思是嬉戲、歡鬧, 前面若加上動名詞,同樣也是指「(短時間內的)狂歡、暴走行為」。
The reasons behind this killing spree are still under investigation.

【TED】為什麼不能打孩子? (Violence - a family tradition: Robbyn Peters Bennett at TEDxBellingham)

3under … circumstances     0:29
影片中的 under normal circumstances 是指「在正常情況下、一般情況下」。
Under normal circumstances, the higher the investment return is, the higher the risk level will be.

另外,有一個常見句型是以 under no circumstances 開頭,用來表達「絕不允許、絕對不能」的情況,當它放在句首,後面接的句子要「倒裝」,也就是把 be 動詞或助動詞拉到主詞前面。先來看看幾個例句吧!
Under no circumstances can you read my letter without my permission.

後面的句子原本應該是 You can read my letter without my permission. 為了變成倒裝句,我們把助動詞 can 搬到主詞 this woman 的前面!
Under no circumstances was Jane a girl who could lift such a heavy box.
Jane 絕對不是能舉起這麼重的箱子的女孩。

後面的句子原本應該是 Jane was a girl who could lift such a heavy box. 為了變成倒裝句,我們把 be 動詞 was 搬到主詞 Jane 的前面!

除了 under no circumstances,這種句型的開頭也可以用 in no way, on no condition, by no means 等片語替換,後面也都要接倒裝句哦!
By no means can you cheat on the test.

4blink     0:30
blink 這個單字作為動詞是指「眨眼睛、閃爍」,而當名詞使用時,因為「眨眼、閃光」都是一下子、很快速的動作或事物,所以 blink 也引申出「一瞬間」的意思哦 !

這邊跟大家分享幾個跟 blink 有關的常見片語!

in a blink of an eye 的意思是「轉眼間、一眨眼」,就如同字面上的意思,用來形容某件事情的發生非常迅速,一眨眼就過去了,等同於 in a very short time
The boy disappeared around the corner in a blink of an eye.

be on the blink 的意思是東西「壞掉了、故障、失靈」,通常是指機械或電器設備,它就等同於我們常聽到的 something doesn't work、something is broken 或 something broke down 
The washing machine has gone on the blink again. I'm gonna complain to the makers.

【TED-Ed】思考的研究(Rethinking thinking - Trevor Maber)

5lifespan    1:54
lifespan 這個單字不僅僅代表(生物的)的壽命長度,也可以解釋成(產品的)使用期限、(專案)有效期限等,用來形容事物存在世上或是具有其功能的那段期間。
Because our lifespans are brief, life is even more valuable.

According to some experts, to increase battery lifespans, you have to set your battery to start charging when below 50%.

The project lifespan starts from the time it is conceived to the time it is completed or deemed a failure.

為什麼我們長大後口味會變化? (How Your Taste Buds Change Over Time


文/ Ann Lu




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