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Before this video begins,
I just wanna say from my b... from the bottom of my heart,
Thank you.
We just hit
Fifteen BILLION views
H O L Y shit
That's more people than childs in Africa
That mean that's more clicks than childs in Africa
That's more clicks than Ainsley cardboard cutouts.
That's more people in the universe.
Wait a minute.
Fourteen point f...
What happened?!
Where're my views?!
Gotta check vid stats.
Daily video...MINUS?!
Two hundred and seven?!
-200 million views
how the FUCK does that happen?
Hey Felix,
Remember those 207 million views?
Yes, yes I do like...
they were my own channel.
They're gone now. We lost 'em
Umm, anyway guys
so if you could uuh
Che...uh...I have this support button now,
Where you could, you could help me get uhh...
you know, support, support me, it's a support button
It's not a 'Donate' button
I'm not e-begging, alright?
I need... I need more money.
I open it up...listen here, ok
I know people are gonna call me greedy
I open it up, just to, like, try it out
Let's see...let's j...let's look at my analytics
and see how many people actually...
Okay, let's see here,
Transaction Revenue
0.33 dollars!
Thank you(!)
Anyway, uh, this video is not about me begging for money,
Although I would love to do that all day.
This video is about something completely different.
'Before PewDiePie would become the king of Youtube'
I'm sure you've seen these videos out there
'Before PewDiePie was ever a guest on the late night show with Stephen Colbert'
They seem quite popular, and they like to show up in your suggestion bar
'Before Felix raised over 1 million dollars for his various charities'
Before they were famous videos.
I mean, who doesn't want to know what happened to Brock Lesnar... or FouseyTUBE
Who doesn't wanna see all these people,
And of course,
There's one of me
Let's watch it,
'Before there was ever a Bro Army,
Before he started earning 4ml a year'
Four million a year?
Diet coke
That's cute
'Felix Killberg'
Woah! Woahahahah!
what the fu...
Sorry, WHAT?
Why is it so hard for people to pronounce my name?
I don't think it's that hard
Maybe that's why they made an updated version I'm, I'm kinda curious.
PewDiePie was born
Felix Shell...Kellburg.
Felix Kellburg.
Felix Shellburg?
Okay, you guys try doing it.
No. No, I guess ... guess they didn't get it right in that one either, huh?
'Felix Killberg'
initially went on to university
to persue a career in technology management and industrial economics
he then dropped out, opting instead to start up a career on youtube,
and when he first started his side job'
Why does everyone get this story wrong?
I see it everywhere, so I don't blame you,
Mr M...Ma...Ma...
I jaw, I dropped outta high... I dropped outta university because I didn't like it.
To drop outta university, to pursue Youtube
That'd just be fucking stupid.
I'm not that dumb, alright?
You may think.........haha... I wouldn't do... I wouldn't do that
you think I was some loser?
Mum, Dad,
I'm gonna drop outta high school
Cause I wanna be a Youtuber!
It was boring, alright? It was fucking boring!
That's a big surprise for everyone?
It was boring
Industrial Management and Economics,
It was boring as hell!
Everyone was boring as hell,
I...I couldn't relate to fucking anyone!
e...er...e....video game
is that like a
i love playing with a Wii
Oh, you don't like video games,
Then I can't relate; then we have nothing to talk about!
'He then dropped out, opting instead to start up a career on youtube
and when he first started his side job,
was selling hot dogs on the street.
A lot of people seem to wanna shit on me because I used to sell hot dogs
Yeah, like you had all prestigious jobs
And you know what?
My hot dogs
Were fucking
Oh, it's so fucking good.
And you know what?
Most people didn't even sell...wanna buy hot dogs
Uh...we didn't...the guy, my boss was so fucking cheap
He was like,
"Don't cook the hot dog,
just microwave them, and dip them in the hot dog sauce.
People don't tell the difference."
PewDiePie was born on October 24th 1989
And raised in Gotham, Sweden
That's Stockholm.
The capital of Sweden.
How did you fuck that up?!
Just Google Gothamberg!
There's so many pictures
how did you fuck that up?
"His mother Johanna is a former
KappAhl CIO"
I'm the only one who thinks this is funny
because he's so fucking bad at...
It's KappAhl, a ver... a well-known, uh... clothing company
'His mother Jowanna is a'
First of all, Johanna
Not Jo'anna.
GODAMMIT do I have to keep going?
'And his father Ulf is also a chief executive
for this company.'
No, he's CEO of another company.
But, uh...you, you did it.
'Felix entered a photoshop competition
and again he got to flex his creative muscle.
He ended up winning and his art was put on display
in an art gallery.'
Yeah, this is the art that I put out for my, uh
So good.
Fucking hell, you could have at least, like, showed some of my work.
Hey, I like to photoshop girls.
Alright, it's fun.
So the real story here is that I, I...
I loved photoshop, that's what I wanted to do instead of
I almost got an apprenticeship
at one of the best advertising agencies,
In, uh...
In Scandinavia.
I was so close, it was like between me and another person,
and then I didn't get the job,
and I was like "FUCK".
I, but I wanted to do Youtube as well,
so I managed to sell some of these pictures
uh, because I, I printed like a limited edition
but, enough to buy a computer
and when I had the computer, I could start making videos.
THAT'S how I got started.
THAT'S the story.
You're welcome.
'At this time, Youtube was home to plenty of vloggers
but there was no one that stuck solely to that of a video game vlogger,
so quickly he realised he had found himself a little niche'
It is true though
I remember there was no big gamer... back in the day
It was all just like,
Fucking vloggers, they were so big.
Like, big names like
Ray William Johnson
I paved the path, you're welcome by the way.
If your a gamer on Youtube, you should fucking
Suck My Dick.
'Well, he was a student at Chalmers
His videos started to take off
attracting an increasingly large number of viewers.
This was so awkward like,
trust me, it's the most awkward fucking thing.
If you make videos,
and like,
if other people know about it or not
when that line, it's like,
cause obviously I didn't go around and show people all my videos.
so some people discover them by themselves and it's...
the people that are in your friend group and they find out you make videos it's so fucking awkward.
It's not a good time to be a Youtuber when that happens.
'While playing the video game Amnesia
he found himself scared
and thought it might relieve some of the stress
if he put the camera on himself as some way of having company
while playing the game.'
That's true.
It wasn't a huge success.
It was more like,
the start of something.
I never, uh... like I never got like a viral video
that just BOOM
Boom, made me big.
It just kept... i just kinda kept making videos and built an audience and...
luckily you guys keep coming in and...
that's, i'm...i'm...i'm proud of that
I'm really proud of the fact that
It's just been something I built by myself
and not just been lucky with a big boom hit or whatever.
'Felix recalled that there was
Felix recalled that this was the first ti...'
Just take this video down, dude
this is embarrassing
Sorry what was that?
'Felix recalled that there was
Felix recalled that this was the '
aur that's so embarrassing
'Felix recalled that there was
Felix recalled'
I just wanna say,
I just wanna say that errr...
Just beautiful.
Alright, w... let's do a part two.
'He was born on the 24th of October
In the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.'
We got it
'There's also rumour that he is a descendant of King Eric of Sweden and other royals.'
Where the fuck did you get that...
Our family didn't own a console to play on
because I played too much.
But everytime I was sick, my mum would rent a super Nintendo for me.
There you go, it's basically
my 'Draw My Life' video
go, just go watch that instead.
There's always like these videos
like top videos, like weird fact videos.
They always appear, but they always are so, like, pointless.
My favourite "Before Famous" video that I ever did
is my...
"Thanks for 100 subs video"
And yeah, today we're gonna celebrate
cause I got 100 subscribers
Oh my Lawd 100 subscribers
It was such a big deal for me to get 100 subs
I enjoyed Youtube as much then as I do now.
Obviously things have changed, so much is different,
But I feel the same excitement,
and I think that's why
I love keep doing it.
So thank you
Whether you've been in and out, you know?
In...in and out of the PewDiePie
err... thank you so much
It's more than anything I could ever have dreamed about.
I'm not gonna move, you're gonna have to zoom in on it.


【Pewdiepie】我成名以前 (BEFORE I WAS "FAMOUS")

5141 分類 收藏
Steven 發佈於 2017 年 6 月 10 日
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