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Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER The video series which gives you the best
ideas to use for your important IELTS Writing Essay
Here is today’s challenge Tourism is an excellent way to develop a country,
but it can also cause harm. How can countries ensure that tourism benefits
the development?
Look at the question carefully again. “How can countries ensure that tourism benefits
the development?” Unlike the previous essays, this time, you
just need to give suggestions or solutions to make sure tourism only brings benefits,
not harm
First, the tourism industry must be sustainable, meaning develop without causing damage
To achieve this, the government and travel companies are responsible for
instructing the locals how to make part of their homes as lodges
and encouraging travelers to stay as paying guests.
In this way, tourists can save a bunch of dollars
and the locals can earn. It’s a win – win situation for both sides
and it offers great opportunities for cultural exchange
Second, you see, the host country are constantly confronted with this problem:
GARBAGE – wrappers & plastic bottles everywhere. This has to stop
To protect our dear environment, dust bins must be placed at regular intervals & emptied
regularly. Next, more neat & clean restrooms should be
built for the convenience of tourists. More importantly, the number of visitors should
be limited according to the capacity of tourist places
remember, the well-being of the environment is the top priority
Third, no respect – no welcome No matter how tolerant the host country may
be, disrespectful attitude towards the local culture
is unforgivable. I mean, who would want to welcome a disrespectful
rude person to his own home? Would you? Before tourists arrive at a destination,
they need to be informed about the important and sensitive parts of the local customs
as well as be instructed how to behave well at certain places
such as sacred shrines & temples. For example, travelers cannot shout or talk
loud at a Buddhist temple
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【雅思速成班】學習寫旅遊類的文章吧!(IELTS Writing - Tourism - Benefits Only)

4374 分類 收藏
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