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Hello. Welcome to IELTS KILLER. The video series which gives you the best
ideas to use in your important IELTS Writing Essay
Here is today’s topic Computers are increasingly used in education
In which areas do you think Are computers more important
And in which areas are teachers more important?
Look at the keywords here: which areas - computers - more important
& which areas - teachers - more important Put in it another way, you have to decide
"which areas should a computer better be in charge of?"
& "which areas should teachers be the main instructors?"
I can say, computers can successfully teach basic knowledge
As you can see, computers help us simplify the topics
through audio & visual aids like videos & images. They are fantastic instructors which present
elementary mathematics, elementary language learning,
fundamental science & so on
These vivid, exciting & repetitive illustrations motivate students and enable them to memorize
basic facts easily & effortlessly. Besides, the computers can be programmed
to provide an endless number of simple questions, and as the students answers these questions,
the facts are learned & reinforced. Computers remaining in service 24/7
is another great benefit offered to learners b/c they can study & revise any time they
want at their own comfort.
But what about complex ideas?
In the learning & practice of more complicated subjects,
the computer alone is not adequate. Here are the reasons why:
First, a computer can evaluate an answer as right or wrong, but it cannot determine why.
Second, It cannot find out in what stage a student is making mistakes.
Third, It's unable to deal with tasks involving reasoning
because there are two many variables for a computer to handle successfully.
And fourth, It fails to handle students with extreme difficulties in learning
In this case, a human teacher is absolutely needed.
A real teacher can present important concepts in different ways.
He can determine and carefully explain in what stage in a math/physics/chemistry problem
the student has made an error.
So, in conclusion, the computer is a useful & essential tool
for practicing simple skills as they can stimulate motivation through audio-visual
aids & tirelessly repeat basic information.
However, it can never monitor students' grasp of concepts
nor effectively evaluate their reasoning. Therefore, the human teacher still remains


【雅思速成班】科技議題:老師和電腦誰比較重要?(IELTS - Technology - Teacher vs Computer)

2130 分類 收藏
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