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Today I am going to talk about three steps
that I use on YouTube to improve my listening when learning a language.
They are, first, choosing a key words.
Second, using the filters.
Third, adjusting the speed.
I will take English as an example because that is the main language I am learning.
Step One: choosing a keyword.
try to list some subjects or activities that interest you.
For example, I would like to know something about makeup.
so, I type makeup into the search box.
I recommend you to search something you like
or something you want to know about
so it will be easier for you to sit down, watch, and learn.
There are over 18 million results.
That is too many results, so I will need step two to help narrow them down.
Step two: using the filters.
Our goal is to improve listening
I have found it more efficient when the videos have subtitles.
Now, let me click the filters
and then (now) click the subtitles under the filters.
Also, you can click the duration of the video and even sort by view count.
It is up to you.
I don't turn on the subtitles the first time I watch it.
waiting to turn on the subtitle the second time or the third time improves
the viewer’s listening ability.
Step Three: adjusting the speed.
After watching a video a few times and understanding every single word
I'll make it a little bit challenging by adjusting the speed of the video.
Click the gear icon on the right corner and go to the speed.
adjust the speed to 1.25
then just playing again and you see if you still understand it.
Choosing a keyword, using the filters, and adjusting the speed are the three steps
that I use on YouTube to improve my listening when learning a foreign language.
You can use these three steps to learn any other languages such as mandarin, Japanese, et cetera.
But, please remember you have to watch the same video multiple times, not only one time.
Here is another tip.
You can hit the thumbs-up button.
to add video to liked video list.
and then you can go back and watch it again
I really like watching YouTube, not those stupid prank videos
but the really helpful and inspiring ones
If you think this video is helpful, please give me a thumb-up.
and share it with your friends and family.
thank you guys for watching. I will see you in my next one.



如何讓TOEIC聽力得到450分 (How I got 450 full score on TOEIC listening (secret tip! ) | Jean Fun)

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