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Hey this is MatSan!
And welcome to our part two of sushi making!
Today we are going to make California Roll based sushi which is upside down
The rice is upside down
Sansan, can you explain how does it look like?
It sounds so confusing
The rice will be at the outside
and then following by nori seaweed
and all the ingredients - inside
And then we will make some...
And then we will make some decoration...
So it will look even better
So let's start from showing you all the ingredients that you will need.
Here are the ingredients that we need
Crab sticks
Soy sauce
Wasabi caviar
And... Józef
Now we are going to put the rice on the nori leaf
Make your hands wet first
so the rice won't stick to your hands that much
gently put the rice all over the nori leaf
Now we are going to add the sesame on the rice
just do it randomly the way you like
like you are adding a black pepper
Now we have to reverse this sushi nori leaf
on the opposite site
so we can roll it
the easiest way I think to do it
is to put our bamboo mat on it
then reverse it like this
and it's ready to go
Super Kawaii!
Now we are going to put all the ingredients
into our sushi
So as you know ingredients can be freestyle
wherever you like
Wherever you want it to be
and... it's ready
And now the next step which is rolling
The same type of rolling like we show on the previous video
just grab it like this, squeeze it a little bit
push it...
push it gently...
When it's starting to touch the ground
push it more
and more... and roll it back again and again
and then
take the upper part here
grab it like this
squeeze it one more time
and it's ready
And now the most fun part to do is to cut this whole roll
into pieces
also the same as the previous video we made
the same style
Right now we are going to decorate our sushi!
We are going to use the wasabi caviar
and I'm going to improvise
cause it's our first time having caviar onto it
After caviar we are going to put avocado onto it
We've got all types of shapes
for you to choose
Se we will just use the square one
And to make it even more green
we are going to add wasabi
After this
We just have to add the soy sauce
to make it like the last part of decoration
Here you go
Our MatSan reversed California Roll
This is our final representation
Of California MatSan Reversed Roll Sushi
It's a very chaotic name
but hope you like it
So hope you like this video
It's a very special one, we just do some improvise
And actually it's not really that expensive to make
The caviar is not that expensive, this one is like 10-11 zł, something like that
Also an avocado is like 3 zł
what else...
normal rice here...
The sesame is like nothing
Cucumber, crab sticks...
Overall let's say how much is the whole plate?
The whole plate that you can see right now?
You know like... maybe 10 to 12 zł
So 100 to 120 Taiwanese Dollars
Because it's like of course you gonna buy ingredients firstly way more expensive
but you gonna make lots of them
out from these ingredients
that we buy in the first time
So pretty nice and tastes very very good!
We recommend that it's full of everything here
from spiciness to salty
to everything
sweet also as well because of avocado
It's a harmony, it's like a party in your mouth
(That's what she said)
Hope you guys enjoy this video
Please like, subscribe and comments below
We love you and as always 再見 (Zàijiàn)
Good night, good bye!
See you next time! Cześć!
See you! Hey!
Bye Bye!


做加州壽司捲 (MatSan Makes Sushi California Rolls!)

488 分類 收藏
eating 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 22 日
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