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Hey youtubers it’s Charlie Happy Game Of Thrones Day! this is my last bonus video before
the Season 4 premiere. I think we were all about to explode from excitement. here’s
what’s going down. This will be my Top 10 Moments from Season 3 just as a final look
back. Then at the end of the video I’m going to go over the giveaway rules and what my
Game of Thrones video schedule will be going forward.
Careful for season 3 spoilers if you’re not caught up yet, but let’s not waste any
time. Number 10 - Jon Snow Becomes A Man
A seminal time in the life of any teenager. This wasn’t so much Jon Snow losing his
virginity as it was Ygritte taking his virginity. You get the sense that she was the real brains
of that operation and Jon was just happy to oblige. It’s a nice reversal of gender roles.
For instance, had everything played out in King’s Landing and Ygritte been a member
of the court, it would have been told from a much more male perspective.
Even though Cersei wields a lot of sexual authority over men, she’s much much older.
I don’t remember it being spelled out explicitly in the books, but I think it’s implied that
when she was Jon Snow and Ygritte’s age, Jaime was her only sexual partner. At least
before she was married to Robert Baratheon.
As much fun as it was to watch that scene in the cave, it was even better listening
to Kit Harington and Rose Leslie talk about how awful and awkward it was on set that day.
I think that Kit Harington was also still in a leg cast. So imagine him limping into
that hot spring.
Number 9 - Brienne Versus the Bear
This was kind of a meta moment because first off you have bad ass Brienne holding her own
against a freaking bear with a wooden sword. So it’s just awesome. Then you have Jaime’s
change of heart and rescue.
In reality it wasn’t his fighting skill that saved them. He would have been shredded
in seconds. It was just the threat of what Tywin Lannister would do if he were hurt.
More than he had already been.
I loved how the whole event invoked this classic sense of chivalry that Brienne believed in
so much. Most of the time she’s the one being chivalrous. But it was such a big moment
for both of them. Brienne not dying and Jaime doing something selfless for a change.
Number 8 - The Night’s Watch Rebellion
Dirty old Craster and the old Bear never saw it coming. First we have to acknowledge that
it was Burn Gorman of Torchwood authoring the debacle. That was a nice meta Doctor Who
fandom moment. But then you have the oh shit realization that with Jeor Mormont dead and
the Night’s Watch in open revolt, who is going to get everyone ready for the Wildling
Attack. I’m not even talking about the Army itself. They don’t even have a chance against
the small raiding party that Jon Snow was part of.
I think we all shared a collective moment of triumph when Old Craster ate it. Quickly
followed by the horror on Samwell’s face before he grabbed Gilly and took off.
Number 7 - Thoros of Myr Brings Back Beric Dondarrion
Flaming swords aside, this was a huge deal because it established that the dead can be
made whole again. Not just reanimated wights, but brought back to their normal state. Beric
Dondarrion said that there were some side effects. Like pieces of you would get left
behind each time you came back.
Melisandre is pretty amazed when she finds out how many times Beric has been brought
back, so it seems like each priest or priestess of the Red God expresses their powers in different
ways. I think she’ll be able to do it before Winds of Winter or Dream of Spring is over.
So anyone who’s worried about characters dying. As long as they’re in proximity to
someone with the powers of the Red God, there’s always a chance they’ll be brought back.
Number 6 - Jon Snow Climbs The Wall
This was one of the biggest action set pieces of the season and involved a lot of really
cool CG integration. I remember reading about the sheer size of the Wall in the books. But
until the show came along you really just had to imagine what it looked like in your
I think they did a great job of interpreting just how massive it is. In the books George
RR Martin made it 700 feet tall. And I feel like it becomes a whole character in and of
itself. Like the wall is a character in the story.
All I can think about now is one, when are we going to get to see or read about it being
built and two, will we ever see someone blow the true horn of winter and bring it crashing
down. It’s still just a legend that blowing the horn will destroy the wall.
Let me know if you think we’ll see this happen at some point.
Number 5 - Ramsay Snow Tortures Theon for an entire Season.
The final act of torture was clearly the worst, but there’s no promise after that the tortue
won’t continue into the early part of season 4. So as far as we know, he’s still being
tortured right now. As bad as Theon was before Season 3, I feel like he’s endured enough.
Everything about the character as he is right now just makes you feel sorry for him. Sorry
for the circumstances that made him feel like he had to betray his adopted family and sorry
for what Ramsay Snow has done to him.
There is the promise that he’ll get out eventually. There was footage from the trailer
with Theon on horseback and he wasn’t running away.
Number 4 - Sam Kills White Walker
I remember the first time I saw this, I had to rewind and watch it again because I couldn’t
tell if he dropped the obsidian dagger before he ran off with Gilly. Samwell for all his
faults is one of the first new people to figure out that one of the White Walkers’ biggest
weaknesses is Obsidian or dragon glass. Whatever you want to call it.
I’m really hoping that he’s able to educate the rest of the Night’s Watch in time. There
was that ominous shot of the white walker in one of the season 4 trailers.
Number 3 - Jaime Hand Chopped Off
This had to be the defining moment for the first part of the season. The death of Ned
Stark kind of already told us that no one was safe, but getting his hand chopped off
let you know that George RR Martin and the show wasn’t afraid to permanently maim it’s
lead characters.
It’s such an oh shit moment just because of the spectacle and because they just slammed
to black right as Jaime started screaming. But it really made me wonder what the hell
was going to happen to the character. It’s not like they have hospitals and in the books,
the Brave Companions basically treat Jaime and Brienne like trash until they made it
back to Roose Bolton.
Number 2 - Daenerys Becomes the Breaker of Chains
This mostly refers to her taking the Unsullied and exacting revenge against Kraznys. It was
one of those big moments that HBO teased in all the clips. Her activating Drogon so to
speak using High Valyrian.
It became this amazing CG sequence of her burning everything in sight and marching away
with this massive army. Such a huge win for her when you consider that there’s so much
civil war still going on in Westeros while all this is happening.
Number 1 - The Red Wedding
I don’t think there’s any Season 3 WTF list that doesn’t list this as the number
one moment. It was one of THE most talked about moments on Television last year. And
most people don’t even get HBO or watch the show. Before this George RR Martin and
the show already had meme’s for slaughtering main characters wholesale. But the Red Wedding
became this meta cultural event for the world. First there were all the reaction videos,
like Maisie Williams. Queen of Vines. Then there were all the parodies.
You can really gage the popularity of something by how much it gets parodied. And just in
terms of television, this was the most parodied event all year.
I think my favorite was probably Maisie Williams. Her reaction video was only six seconds, but
it perfectly summed up the spirit of every single other video that followed.
But now it’s your turn. Let me know what your favorite season 3 moment was and which
event you're most looking forward to in season 4.
Everyone is waiting on the edge of their seat for the purple wedding. Which is funny because
all the book readers are kind of grumbling that George RR Martin never called it the
purple wedding. Just another example of how pop culture can take something and change
it in the larger context.
Here’s details on the giveaway again with rules. It’s super simple. Just as a way
to say thank you to all you guys, I’m picking one random subscriber from the comments on
each of my episode reviews. All you have to do to participate is be a subscriber and leave
a comment on my episode 1 review, episode 2 and so on. Winners will be announced Monday
nights during my Q&A videos.
Here’s the rules. You can only win a giveaway once. So if you’ve won something from me
in the past, you can’t win again. You also have to be nice, this is supposed to be a
fun way to talk about a show we love. So if I think you’re being mean or trolling. I’ll
just delete your comment and at worst ban you from the channel. So remember to play
Tonight I’ll be posting my episode 1 review about 3 hours after it airs. You can follow
me on twitter and facebook for updates on when videos are coming.
While we all hold our breath for episode 1 to get here, check out my top 10 characters
here and click here for all my season 4 videos.
Thanks for watching, see you guys tonight. High Fives!


Game Of Thrones Season 3 Top 10 Moments

596 分類 收藏
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