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Thank you for taking 10 for CNN 10. I`m Carl Azuz.
First today, an explanation of a controversy swirling around the Trump administration.
It concerns the president, the former director of the FBI
and the White House`s former national security adviser. His name is Michael Flynn.
He`s been under investigation by the FBI. The agency has been trying to find out whether
Flynn had illegal contact with Russia.
In February, U.S. President Donald Trump had a meeting with James Comey, who was in charge
of the FBI at that time. Comey made a memo of something
the president said during the meeting and the text of that memo was reported by "The
New York Times" on Tuesday night.
Quote: I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is
a good guy.
The investigation continued and Flynn resigned a few days after the meeting.
So, why is all of this significant?
Democrats in Congress are accusing the president of obstruction of justice, intentionally and
illegally interfering with the government carrying out
its work, because the memo suggests that President Trump asked Director Comey to quit investigating
Flynn. The president eventually fired Comey,
that happened last week. And some Republicans are calling for Comey to testify before Congress,
about his conversation with President Trump.
The White House says Comey`s memo is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation
between Trump and Comey, and that the president has
never asked Comey or anyone else to end any investigation.
What happens next, we don`t know.
Legal analysts say obstruction of justice is difficult to prove in court and that it`s
not clear if the president`s alleged statements were, in
fact, illegal.
President Trump says the controversy is something only the media care about, but it`s also dominating
many discussions among U.S. lawmakers as
the White House interviews candidates to replace Comey at the FBI.
Our second story takes you to a battlefield in the Middle East. Since Syria`s civil war
broke out in 2011, we`ve told you how the U.S. and Russia
have gotten involved, in addition to other countries. And while Israel is officially
neutral on the conflict, it shares a short border with Syria,
and it`s keeping close tabs on what happens next door.
The Golan Heights is the name of a plateau between the two countries. It`s under Israeli
government control and it`s one place where Israeli
intelligence forces can gather information.
Tonight`s mission uses the cover of darkness, soldiers concealed their faces. We`re joining
an Israeli unit gathering
intelligence on the neighboring civil war. The final orders from the commander, work
quickly and quietly. We`ll be tens of meters from Syria.
Israel occupied the Golan Heights from Syria in 1967. The two states clashed again six
years later, in a massive tank battle. That was
conventional warfare.
Today, advanced Israeli units patrol the frontier, watching the regime rebels and ISIS on this
vast, unconventional battlefield.
The threat is very serious because they are always fighting between them, and they can
always aim their weapon right here.
Earlier in the day, we witnessed such clashes, automatic gunfire in the nearby Syrian village,
fighting occasionally spills over. Last
November, ISIS attacked an Israeli patrol. A tank silenced the terror group`s guns.
The blazing moon illuminates the countryside and us, soldiers secure the perimeter before
beginning their mission.
We`re a few hundred meters from the secured defense right now, just behind me. If you
listen closely, you can hear dogs barking, vehicles moving
around and I`m told you can also hear a tank.
A rebel tank idles roughly a kilometer away. The night scope reveals the crew, unaware
they`re being watched, smoking a last cigarette before bed.
We`re tracking all of the factions, the battalion commander tells me. We know how to differentiate
and separate them. There`s a contingency for
each threat.
Over the past years, intelligence units witnessed attacks, regime movements and rebels training.
One group in particular gets special attention.
Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria threaten the state of Israeli, the commander says. We`re
prepared to deal with this enemy. We know their tactics.
The unit finishes camouflaging the position. We live. Their watch has just begun. One hour
down, 59 to go.
Ian Lee, CNN, in the Golan Heights.
Ten-second trivia:
What do kola, mate, and cacao all have in common?
Do they all contain caffeine, originate in Africa, contain nuts or grow on vines?
One is nut, one is a drink, and one is a tree, but they are all sources of caffeine.
A coroner in South Carolina is warning Americans, particularly young people in school about
the dangers of consuming too much caffeine. The
drug has been blamed for the death of an otherwise healthy high school student, a 16-year-old
who experienced a heart problem last month. He had
three caffeinated drinks, including coffee and an energy drink in a two- hour period.
And then he collapsed at South Carolina`s Spring Hill High School.
The coroner says the teenager had no prior hearth conditions and that no other drugs
or alcohol were found in his body. Caffeine is not a leading
cause of death for people in this age range, at least globally.
According to a new report from the World Health Organization, vehicle injuries, lower respiratory
infections, self harm, disease and drowning are
most responsible for the deaths of people ages 10 to 19. Drug and alcohol abuse are
a greater factor in wealthier countries. And given that an
estimated 73 percent of American children consume some kind of caffeine every day, experts
are working to draw more attention to the dangers of
this legal drug.
Coffee, soda, energy drinks, they`re loaded with caffeine. You know that.
But the one thing people often forget -- caffeine is a drug.
A lot of people feel like they can`t start their day without a shot of caffeine. They
feel tired, irritable, it`s hard to focus. After just a
couple of sips, you may start to feel more alert. Your heart rate picks up. Sometimes,
you even start to sweat. That`s because caffeine is a
Too much, according to the NIH, can lead to restlessness, headaches, dizziness, anxiety
and also a rapid or abnormal heart rhythm. But how much
is too much?
Well, the FDA says adults can safely drink about milligrams of caffeine a day. That`s
four to five cups of coffee. Teenagers shouldn`t drink more
than 100 milligrams, that`s according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. And younger
kids, they shouldn`t have any at all.
Now, when you buy a coffee or a soda, you know you`re getting caffeine. When you buy
an energy drink, you`re also getting other stimulants however,
and that can compound the effect. Bottom line, though, if you`re tired, moody, irritable,
make sure you`re getting sleep, eating a healthy diet,
and getting a plenty of exercise, instead of drinking caffeine.
Our last show of the season is just over two week away. We wrap on June 2nd. But when are
we coming back? Well, check it. You can know that
answer and see some sweet behind the scenes footage of CNN 10 by following us on social
I`m on Twitter @CarlAzuzCNN. We`re also on Instagram at Instagram.com/CNN10. And at Facebook.com/CNNTEN,
the number spelled out on
Keep up with us on social media over the summer and get some answers to that pressing question,
what do you all do over the summer?
Good thing some vending machines accept more than a dollar. In 2015, we told you about
one that dispense cars, out of a glass tower that
measured about five stories tall. Now, this here one looks like it`s filled with toys
and it was inspired by a toy store display.
But these are some of the world`s most expensive cars, the Lamborghini Aventador, the Ferrari
512M. About 60 cars are a touch of a button away.
The 148-foot high tower in Singapore is likely the world`s tallest car vending machine and
saves space in a densely populated country of Fera-
really cool way to buy. Bugatti have the best and you`ve Gallardo a money to spend, a Porsche.
Lotus find you something exotic in Bentleying machine
and we`ll ride off into the sunset on CNN 10 horsepower vehicle.
I`m Car Azuz.


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