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Good Morning!
We're on our way to the Easter Show today.
The Easter show is hosted every year around Easter time.
It gives you a bit of insight into rural life,
into how things are produced.
There's rides
and there's showbags that you can buy.
And there's lots and lots of good food there.
The Sydney Royal Easter Show
is the largest event held in Australia.
The easiest way, to get to the show,
is via public transport.
If you buy a Showlink ticket,
public transport is included.
We just got off the station at Olympic Park
and we're walking towards the entrance of the Easter Show.
It just started yesterday, so today is actually a really good day to go
because the kids are still at school
and the "older people"
are still at work today cos it's a Friday
so it's the best day to go to the Easter Show.
Tickets for the show
can be bought from the gate
but we do recommend, you pre-purchase tickets
from Woolworths
to get 10% off
So we have two tickets from the Easter Show
and we're heading in now.
When you come in, look for these volunteers that are handing out the newspaper.
Because inside this newspaper, you will find your...map
and program
and then that way, you won't get lost.
This is the Stables,
which is a new food precinct
inside the Easter Show.
Gone are the days of boring carnival food.
This year's Easter Show, has an impressive line-up
of culinary treats.
mmmm...ice cream!
One of the things that I love to do at the Easter Show
is to sample food.
I mean, who could say no to free food?
If you decide to visit the Stables,
make sure to head to the back to check out their bar,
where you can try a selection
of award-winning beers and ciders.
I think we ordered too much food!
Here we have the Louis burger from Burger Head
and a meatball sub from Balls Sydney.
So this one was the meatball sub from...balls? Was that what they were called? A: Yep, Balls Sydney.
Balls Sydney
And then so what's inside is they got some uh...
and then they put this relish.
It's like a herb (relish).
And then they put cheese and they burnt it.
And um...that relish tastes so good!
It's nice and juicy and moist.
It's not um...it's not dry at all.
If you don't know what to eat at the Show,
we definitely recommend
you try out Balls Sydney.
Look at all that cheese!
Burger Head is a burger joint from Penrith.
If you haven't had the chance to head west,
make sure you check this place out
at the Stables.
This is a burger from Burger Head.
It's called the "Louis".
Inside we have a meat patty
with some caramelised onions,
pickles and tomato.
And there's chips!
If you've seen my previous foodie videos,
you would have seen me visit the Koi Dessert Bar
in Chippendale.
when I saw them at the Stables,
I couldn't help but order some desserts.
If you think, the Stable is all about food,
guess again,
check out this Barber Shop!
After all that food,
it's time to visit the animals.
The Easter Show, is best described,
as city meets country.
It is a great opportunity
for farmers to showcase
their livestock and produce.
Have you ever seen speckled cows?
or what about cows with humps?
Here we are at the Woolworth Fresh Food Farm.
This is a great place to take the little ones
to learn about where food comes from
as well as acknowledging our farmers.
Nice and refreshing!
The Easter Show also celebrates, all things Australian
and there's nothing more Aussie than a meat pie.
Man: When you get them, take them down there away from the big ones.
W: Ok Man: Look, you see the big ones? W: Oh OK...
Oh! Not you guys!
Let's go to the end.
So look at these big guys
they've been eating too much, so we're gonna go look for the little ones.
We're tryinh to head further away from the feed shack
because everyone that buys this, straight away they go and feed them straight away.
So, we'll try to head to the end.
The Farmyard Nursery
has always been
my favourite part of the Easter Show.
Look at all these cute animals!
Persistent one.
A great part of the experience
is being able to feed the animals.
You can purchase a cup of feed for only $1.
If feeding isn't your thing,
you can find brushes around the farmyard
to help your new found friend
spruce up their coat.
Look! There's a newly hatched chick!
Look at these ducklings trying to fight for the slide.
One at a time, guys!
Aren't these pigs cute?
If you time your visit well,
you can even give them a pat.
I've never seen
so many different types of chickens,
and even turkey.
The Woolworths Fresh Food Dome,
showcases the finest and freshest in Australian produce.
If you head to the back of the dome,
you'll find the kitchen
where you can sample some recipes
made from produce
from Woolworths.
We had so much fun at the Easter Show,
eating lots of yummy food,
meeting super cute animals,
buying showbags
and even checking out the carnival rides.
What a great day!
Happy Easter!
Thanks for watching guys.
Don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel and food inspiration
find me on Instagram,
and don't forget to check out my blog.
If you would like to help keep this channel going,
don't forget to check out my Patreon page as well.
See you in the next video!


♥ ♥ A Day at The Sydney Royal Easter Show ♥ ♥

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