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Did you see that?
Did you see that?!
we have to climb all the way up
there's Mr. Matus
here's me, let's go
we were in some special place today
actually one
and it was like a bunker
nuclear bunker connected with the hostpital
it's a very very worthy place to go
where exactly is it?
you have to cross the river
it's on the same side as the muzeum
we will put the address
unfortunately we don't have any picture from there
because they didn't allow us
really really amazing
show so much of the history
and also the scary part of the history
because it was in use during the World War
and in the beginning it was very well organized
with enough water
enough power
and space for the patients
but during WWII
it became worse
and Germans accidently bomb the water connector
like the pipes
so they lose the fresh water
for the patients
and then there are too many injured people
so people need to share the beds
or the doctors need to use
the already used bandages
to put them on another patients
so there were a lot of infection
people died because of that
really worthy to go there
sounds like sponsorship...
if you're under 26 years old
so you will have the discount
half price
and they have English tour
the overall tour is like 1 hour
so it is worthy
to go there
and after that you can enjoy this nice view here
guess what's this
this is our hotel!
just kidding
we're at the most beautiful McDonald's in Budapest
drifting boat
boat ride for free!
not for free
well it is included in our...
3 days traffic ticket
so we don't have to pay any extra
but at the weekend you have to pay
which is around 10zl
but it's cool
we're going to Pest
it looks like something
what do you think it looks like?
huh...I don't think so
it's just the kilometer
you're dirty
it's raining!
it's raining
fountain in the rain
they like to makeout in the public
as you can see
we're on the beetle!
water beetle!
we're going to the bridge
what a driver
yea I'm not even helping
like always
are you even helping?!
I'm not
still not helping
no, I am
I am stepping
we're approaching..
beautiful scene here
help! me!
here we go
police car is there
oh shit
this is the best ending
of the trip
look at that!
our friend from Netherlands
who's living in Budapest right now
just bring us to a very, very cool bar
which is called the Ruin Bar
it's suppose to be...
an abandoned place
that no one take
and then they rent it for a month (or 3 months)
and right now it has being...
going on for 3 years
and it's really a crazy awesome place
there are some films going on
we're having a wonderful time


在布達佩斯 #2 (MATSAN in Budapest | Part 2!)

302 分類 收藏
eating 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 8 日
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