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So how was the first day of school? It was fine, i guess i don't know.
Do you ever look at someone and wonder what is going on inside their head?
Did you guys pick up on that? Something's wrong. We're gonna find out what's
happening but we'll need support - signal the husband
Uh oh she's looking at us.
What did she say? well oh sorry sir no one's listening. Is it a garbage night?
Did we leave the toilet seat up?
What, what is it woman, what? Signal him again.
Ah -- so Riley how was school? For this we gave up that Brazilian helicopter pilot?
School was great all right. What was that? I thought you said we're gonna act casual.
Riley is everything okay? -- Sir she just rolled her eyes at us.
Alright make a show of force - I don't want to have to put the foot down.
No, not the foot! -- Riley I do not like this new attitude. -- Oh, I'll show you attitude.
What is your problem just leave me alone. -- Sir, reporting high-level sass -- Take it to Defcon Two.
I don't know where this disrespectful attitude came from --
You want to reach that spot --
Yeah well what -- Prepare the foot.
Key's in the second position waiting launch on your command sir -- Fire.
That's it, go to your room. -- The foot is down the foot is down.
This film was really born from watching our
kids grow up which is not easy anyone out there who's in junior high school
working it out suffering there are days you're going to feel sad you're going to
feel angry you're gonna feel scared -
that's nothing you can choose - but you can make stuff - make films, draw, write.
It'll make a world of difference.


腦筋急轉彎片段 (Inside Out and Emotional Health)

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Susy 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 29 日
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