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I am here with Neil Patrick Harris, ladies and gentlemen!
His new Netflix show "A Series of Unfortunate Events" is available now.
Neil and I are about to go head to head in a game of Egg Russian Roulette.
Higgins, would you like to explain how this works?
James, Neil.
In my hand, I have one dozen eggs.
Eight of them have been hard-boiled. The other four are still raw!
You and Neil will take turns selecting one egg at a time,
and smashing it upon the top of your head.
You won‘t know which ones are raw and which ones are hard-boiled.
And once you choose an egg, you must continue with that egg.
No put-backs!
First one to smash two raw eggs on their own head loses.
Neil, please, as a guest of the show, you will choose the first egg!
You were wonderful in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Oh thank you.
I take that as a compliment?
- I chooses - You sure of that one though? - this egg.
Buona fortuna! (Good luck)
What does it feel like? You can't cook it in your hand either.
I don't know. Your hand. I don't know if you have hot hands.
So that one's hard-boiled, then this one's raw. That one's hard-boiled. This one's raw.
No no no no no no no no.
That is the perfect placement for a broken egg.
One to zero!
I laughed too hard. I fear I laughed too hard.
Karma will come get you!
That was hard-boiled. Raw. I'm going to go with the one in between.
In betwixt. In betwixt. Neither hither nor thither.
What does it feel, doesn't feel good, does it?
It doesn't feel good!
I like this game!
- James, you live or die! - Hard-boiled, raw, hard-boiled. Uhh, guys?
That one!
How many rounds are there?
Oh there'll be one more round after this one.
This one doesn't feel.. but I don't know!
Does it feel different?
Hooga shaga Hooga shaga Hooga shaga Hooga shaga...
Almost hit myself too hard there.
Got a little light-headed there. Really went for it, that one.
It felt like it was a little liquidy in there.
Alright, I'm not even, I'm gonna blind check. I'm not even gonna go for.
I've seen this trick. He's peeking. He sounds like he can see where the camera is.
Alright. What does it feel like?
It feels exactly as cold as the other ones.
They're all refrigerated.
Oh no. Yesiree Bob!
What in the world!
How many are left? I don't understand, what is the aim again?
How many raw ones?
This is the best game in the world!
There are three raw left, 3/7 of the eggs are raw.
Why is that one, that one's sticking out.
Yeah, it's just poking out of there.
I'm not looking, I'm not touching them.
Humpty Dumpty.
Hey man, good to see you. And congrats on the Netflix series and the magic show as well.
Thank you sir.
And I can wait to see it, it's gonna be really great!
I'm in the zone. AutoZone!
I like that.
I'm in the zone, man.
You led with the compliments, and then it serves you right!
Yeah, that what it was. That's what it did. I deliberately did that one.
I'm gonna go for Humpty Dumpty tall boy.
You're a very handsome man.
Regretting... I appreciate it.
I like your show.
Thank you very much!
There are four raw, and then a cooked.
Aw man. I'm not feeling good about this.
Neil, thank you very much for coming on the show. I appreciate it.
Neil Patrick Harris everybody!



【吉米秀】與尼爾·派屈克玩轉盤:輸的怒砸自己雞蛋 (Egg Russian Roulette with Neil Patrick Harris)

14846 分類 收藏
Colleen Jao 發佈於 2017 年 5 月 14 日    Colleen Jao 翻譯    Hsin 審核
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