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Peter Beasley likes his Kentucky Fried Chicken wrapped in pita bread.
People eat Kentucky Fried Chicken here?
They do.
Welcome to the United Kingdom, where we also eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.
What can I do to walk into a coffee shop tomorrow and they're gonna think that I'm not American?
Speaking in the accent is all about the tune.
General American tends to follow the same pattern.
The same is true for southern Ireland.
Like, if you're from Ireland, you'd tend to go up in pitch when you stress something,
and then you go down at the end.
Like, so if I'm like, talking to you now, Lucy,
I'm like, hello and thank you for tying my tie.
Edinburgh, for example.
Which I've been.
It's quite soft but generally if you want to stress something, you'd go up in pitch and then go down.
Like old school football be like,
who are ya?
I'm trying to think, if you wanted to go and order coffee tomorrow,
how would you say it?
Hello mate?
Camp it up a bit.
Oi, mornin' Darlin'!
What I really want, you can help me out, is like a nice cup of tea, and a pain au chocolat.
Feel like I should play a character like this, shouldn't I?
I appreciate this.
That's alright!
Yeah, it's great.
I don't even drink coffee. Should I tell you that now?
That's - I'm so sorry for... yeah.
Who is this?
- We were done with this suit, - Who are you?
we're just standing here talking.
- Yeah, yeah. I like this suit very much. - It's nice, right?
Yeah. Who made it?
Louis Vuitton.
Louis Vuitton. I wonder if he could do accents. Probably not.



耳朵再度懷孕!抖森教你講英國腔 (Tom Hiddleston is a Master of Accents | GQ)

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