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Hey Everyone!
So I wanted to announce the MacAir winner first of all.
If this isn't you, don't worry, I'll be giving another MacAir and announcing the winner on September 13th.
Now, I have been a serial monogamist since I was 15.
Right? I'm all about that long term relationship.
And I've said this a million times but I wanted to say it again,
I don't believe in playing games when it comes to dating.
Okay, so if you want him to like you, you have to be 6 feet away from him at all times.
If he texts you, calculating the amount of time between all of his texts on average,
and then add 2, divided by 14, plus 3,
that's how much time you have to wait before actually hitting him.
And when the sun is equidistant from the equator on the line of Polaris,
make sure that you absolutely wear short shorts.
Personally, I like to be as direct as possible.
I like you!
And not everybody likes that, and that's fine!
You can just move on.
Trust me.
Somebody who only wants you because they can't have you is always going to be looking for the next best thing.
Babe, you've been on your phone this entire dinner, what are you doing?
Playing a game.
Babe, can you not play games while we're on a date?
Just give me like 2 more minutes.
(Swiping on Tinder)
Plus, playing hard to get always feels like you're something to be gotten, right?
Like you're something to be shopped for.
We have an array of girlfriend models available, this is our best-seller, called "the Parents' Pleaser".
Made of organic wifey material and comes with the most upgraded cooking software.
If you're looking for something a little bit more on the wild side,
she has 2,500 spontaneous evenings downloaded into her as well as potentially dangerous advantures.
And a pension for aggressive bed play.
What about that one?
Ah apology, sir, that one is unfortunately sold out.
Well can't I just take the display model?
Well I suppose you could, would you like to know what she comes with?
No, I don't care.
Take my money.
Dating is hard enough as it is.
You're two people who come with your own set of baggage, trying to come together in this lasting emotionally supportive relationship
where you still maintain a physical attraction and regular intercourse with each other.
Like why would you add to that already complicated system by faking your feelings up front?
I'd like to take you to dinner on either the 8th or the 9th at 7pm.
Hmm, I've got classes those evenings.
How would Thursday the 11th work for you?
Brunch? Followed by the museum of modern arts.
Done and done.
I love a man who can keep up a schedule.
I love a woman who can plan.
Pencil me in.
I write in pen.
It worked with my boyfriend.
I mean I met him through mutual friends and I thought he was very cute.
And so... you guys remember the Facebook feature where you had to "ask" a person's relationship status?
I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who's ever used that freakin' button.
But I asked it, he was single.
And I said, "Hey! You're Cute! I'd like to take you out to dinner. And it's my birthday so you can't say no."
And he didn't say no.
And that was two years ago.
So I encourage you, just for the realm of possible love in your life
to just throw away the games and give your heart.
I'm Anna Akana, stay awesome Gothem.



為什麼談戀愛不該欲擒故縱!? (Why girls shouldn't play hard to get)

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Sabrina Hsu 發佈於 2017 年 4 月 27 日    Sabrina Hsu 翻譯    Mii Wei 審核


你覺得「欲擒故縱」在感情中到底是不是個必要經歷的過程呢?有些人覺得欲擒故縱可以讓自己看起來比較矜持,也不會太直接顯得大剌剌地把對方嚇走,但是這樣子的小心機對感情會造成好的還是壞的影響呢?今天 Anna Akana 要帶我們來看看她的感情觀,而對於欲擒故縱這個讓傷透大家腦筋的戀愛撇步她又是如何看的呢?

monogamist 指的是「一夫一妻論者、提倡單一性伴侶的人」,發音為 [məˋnɑgəmɪst],重音在第二音節!monogamy 為名詞「一夫一妻制」,而形容詞則是 monogamous;要注意三個單字的重音都是在第二音節。
Adam is a total monogamist. He can't stand people cheating on their significant others.
Adam 是個感情專一的人,他無法接受人們在另一半背後偷吃。

而影片中 Anna 所說的 serial monogamist 也是一個談到感情時英文中常見的用法。serial monogamist 是在形容一個擁有感情潔癖一次只能專一對待一個對象,但是無法有單身空窗期、每當一段感情結束又會盡快展開下一段戀情的人。你身旁也有這樣的 serial monogamist 嗎?小編好像認識不少這樣的人捏(大笑)!

2move on0:53
move on 是個好用、非常生活化的片語!除了「往下一個(主題、事務)看」之外,生活中也很常用它來指「往前走、繼續生活」的意思。
After the brief introduction, the team moved on to presenting their research purpose.

If she doesn't understand how much you've done for her, then it's time to let her go and move on.

【Wong Fu Productions】重回.陌路人 - Strangers, again

3playing hard to get1:12
這感覺就是大家都會想趕快學起來的用法!超!好!用!play hard to get 在形容明明你很喜歡某人,但是卻想盡辦法讓對方覺得你好像很難追到手,其實就是「欲擒故縱」的意思啦~
There are a lot of tips about how to play hard to get, but it won't do your relationship any good if you play too hard.

I know she's playing hard to get and I don't know what I should do to pluck up my courage and confess my love to her.

【戀愛話題】怎麼知道他是不是喜歡上妳了 (How to Tell If a Guy Likes You)

array 在這裡做名詞用,意思是「一系列、大量的、一批」,通常是用來形容排列整齊的物品、商品等等;要注意重音在第二音節唷!
There's a vast array of literature on the topic of international relations in this bookstore and my goal is to finish reading all of them.

口譯:將兩種語言玩弄於股掌之間 (How interpreters juggle two languages at once - Ewandro Magalhaes)

aggressive 的意思有「激烈的、侵略的、有攻擊性的、挑釁的」等等。名詞「侵略行動、侵略性」為 aggression。而當在形容一個人 aggressive 時,通常不會是指這個人很有「侵略性」,比較像是這個人在態度上會比較「強硬」,根據事情本身, aggressive 可以有正面或負面的意思,然而多半是用在負面的情境上。
Men tend to be aggressive when they feel offended, especially when it comes to their loved ones.

另外在英文有一句很常聽到(也很常用)的形容詞叫 passive-aggressive,字面上直翻是「被動攻擊性的」,其實就是用來形容利用比較心機的手段去攻擊別人或著表達自己不滿。像是你對朋友遲到很不滿,所以你下一次也以牙還牙的大遲到,這樣子就是 passive-aggressive。學起來吧~很好用對不對!


6pencil me in2:32
pencil someone in 是指某人有約並把這個約「記在行事曆上」、「約好...」。一開始這個俚語其實主要是說即便已被記載行事曆上,但還是有計畫隨時會改變的可能,所以才會用 pencil(因為鉛筆是擦得掉的嗎?哈哈哈什麼邏輯)。這也是為什麼影片裡這句話之後接的是 "I write in pen.",也就是說行程已定,不會再更改了!
Could you pencil me in in case you forget? You're too busy and I'm afraid you might forget our date.

My mom was pencilled in for health check-up next week so she can't eat too much greasy and fried food.





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