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Hello Internet!
And Welcome To Behind The Meme!!!
Today we have a look at shooting stars!
Thank you so very much to all of my amazing viewers who requested a video on this topic.
Music memes are always my favorite and this one is extra enjoyable with the way it’s being used
so I’m super excited to get into it!
Let me know what you would like to see next and maybe I’ll be able to make it happen!
You guys wanted it now you have it!
Here We GO!!!
So what exactly is shooting stars?
I’m pretty sure we all know what shooting stars are.
Those beautiful things up in the sky at night that make you feel like anything is possible.
But the meme version of shooting stars is a little bit different…and when I say a
little bit different what I really mean is a whole lot different.
That’s because the shooting star that we’re talking about today
isn’t a meteor that’s burning up as it enters earth’s atmosphere.
Oh no This shooting stars is the title of a song!
A song that goes a little something like this!
The song was originally released in 2008 by a musician duo known as bag raiders
who also happen to be aussies …I guess that it doesn’t matter that they’re austrailian I just wanted
to do this accent eh?
Do I sound austrailian eh? or is this an english accent eh?
I’m not sure anymore…
You know what? it’s a little too much cringy even for me.
I’m just gonna shut up now.
The song had minor success when it was first released and quietly vanished into their catalog
of music as they continued to create new music throughout the years.
Well, as we’ve learned in the past, in the meme world just because something is old doesn’t
mean that it can’t be used in new and interesting ways.
Now since as early as 2015 the song has been used to accompany videos online in various
ways that really didn’t follow a defined pattern.
Like this video right here that served as a tribute to our fallen brother
Now the meme really started to gain popularity and take shape in early 2017 when a theme started to form.
The intro to the song is calm and mellow right before a drop when the song picks up a bit
and becomes more energetic.
Well that spot in the song is the spot that is being used to create memes.
The format of having a video of somebody jumping from an area and at the same time that the
music changes having the background of the video change to stars space or various other
locations has began to take shape.
One of the examples to really put the meme into the spotlight and give its popularity
some momentum was titled “fat man does amazing dive”
Do It!
after seeing that video you can start to see the format that is beginning to take place
And after this years super bowl halftime show with lady gaga the meme really started to
take off.
Because of her introduction it fit perfectly with the meme it’s almost
like they were meant to go together.
Now if you ask me why this has all started to happen I have one simple answer for you…because
the internet.
There’s not always a reason to why this sort of thing happens, but you know what?
I’m not complaining.
Good music.
Good memes.
Sign me up any day of the week!
Well except for Wednesdays…
I have to go see my therapist on Wednesdays!
Or Saturdays, On Saturdays I have to go do community service because of that one thing
I did with that mannequin last summer.
It was consensual!
But any other day of the week besides those two days, I am good!
so there you have it shooting stars has gone from a song that is almost 10 years old and
has become a fresh meme for a new generation
But hey!!!
That’s the internet for you and on the internet memes are king!
Thank you all so very much for watching! Make sure to subscribe so you can catch my next video
and stay up to date on all your favorite memes and trends!!
Who knows you may learn about something you have never knew about before!
I’ll catch you beautiful people next time!!!
Spongebob how's it going?
Banana Peel!!!
What did you say?



超洗腦旋律!柯 P 無限次摔倒的梗是怎麼來的? (What is the shooting stars meme? A look at the history and origin of the Bag Raiders Song Meme)

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