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- Oh my goodness! - Oh my goodness!
- Look at this. - Oh my goodness!
- Hello. - You look amazing!
I'm Dan.
Oh, thank you so much!
That's beautiful. You look wonderful.
Hello, I'm Dan. What are your names?
I'm Olivia.
- Olivia and Ted? - Yes.
You look great.
That's your dress.
Now where did you get those?
I don't know. They gave it to me.
Can we ask you some questions?
- Yes, please. - Yeah, I've asked you plenty
so now it's your turn.
What was it like playing Belle?
Oh it was like...
childhood dream come true.
She was one of my absolutely favorite
And I watched the film for million times.
Over and over again as a child.
Wear the dress, sings the songs
Be part of it was just amazing.
If you were any other character in the movie,
Who would you be?
- Belle. - Beast.
- Hey, look at that! - Wow!
Yeah, I love to be Beast.
I love to play Belle.
Look at that dress.
Yeah, so good. Isn't it?
I love your boots that go with it.
That's very your Belle.
It is very my Belle.
It's mixture of beautiful
princess dress with very cool and practical boots.
It's very on the point.
What would you more nervous about,
singing or acting?
- Singing. - Singing.
- Singing. - Definitely.
It was the first time Dan and I have ever done that
for a film before.
So I think we were both quite nervous.
Do you like all your costumes?
I like yours.
I think yours is better.
I'm very jealous.
I never got to wear things like that.
Do you want to sit? - My friends are very big fan of you.
- Oh really? - Oh my God!


當艾瑪華森遇上超萌的貝兒! (Beauty and the Beast)

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