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- Oh! This is what we ate just now! - No, it's not.
It is!
- Holy sh*t! - What the hell is this? - That's why!
- I thought we ate eel? - What the f***, we ate this?!
It looks like a f***ing penis.
The thing looks like a f***ing penis you know?
Hi guys, so after spending a lot of money.
At the Seomyeon food street.
We're now at Jeonpo station.
And apparently, this indoor underground subway metro has no door.
Very weird.
I don't know why, why huh?
They built this thing, okay...
But they are not making use of the freaking door.
I can technically see out.
Our next destination is Gwangalli beach.
To oversee the Gwangan bridge.
It's lid up with very beautiful lightings.
Is there any show there?
- Light show or... - No, it's just lighting. Just lightings on the bridge.
Hopefully, we can get to see a lot of nice stuff there.
So right now we will go there. And of course as usual, we will jump there.
There are beautiful girls here.
- Where do you come from? Korea? - Singapore.
You look like Korean.
- Now I know why people ask you for directions. - Yes, yes. I look like Korean huh?
Maybe because of my hair.
You look like Korean, with very well English language.
Thank you, thank you!
Because I asked you.
Thank you!
So right now, everyone is looking at us.
- This is a very normal scene. - This is very normal for us.
- We're gonna jump... - Jump on the train is kind of dangerous right?
No, it's not, we can jump softly.
Let's go! 3, 2, 1.
Hi, guys! So right now as you can see behind me...
We are right now, right here at Gwangalli beach.
And you can see the Gwangan bridge.
Right across the beach.
Look, look!
- What? - Look over there.
- Kinda lame right, just one bang and that's it. - Yeah.
It's 1000 won each.
Now we're sitting under a hut.
And enjoying the awesome view of the sea.
We're gonna head to the next station which is?
- You don't know right? - Forgot the name.
I also forgot the name.
It's some kind of a fish market again.
And this is the second largest fish market in Busan.
And, I think so, yeah. And we will check it out later after we enjoy our sea breeze.
- So right now we're heading over to the... what fish market again? - It's not a fish market.
- Fish town? - Fish town.
While walking there, you can see, this whole street.
This whole street along the Gwangalli beach.
Yeah the Angel-in-us, still here.
And a lot of bars huh?
Drink some coffee, find some bars, I think this is a very good place for you to chill out basically.
- Yes. - There's like a lot of bars and cafes that are 24 hours.
Oh, you're right, what the f***.
- Yeah, 24 hours. - And that's the best part man!
24 freaking hours man.
The lights on the bridge don't turn off until it's morning...
Until the morning ah.
- Until the morning ah? - Until morning lah, that means...
I singlish already lah, that means the light ah, never turn off one lah.
Walao, understand or not?
You can buy fireworks here. You can see a lot. Some of the people are playing fireworks already.
You can buy mini fireworks.
They sell by per sticks, where you hold the stick and you just point it to the sky and you shoot it.
And how much is it? Have you seen it just now? I think it's 2000 dollars right?
1000, I think it's a bag. A few. I don't think it's sold per sticks, 1000 per stick is expensive.
- You can shot a lot of times with one stick. It will keep shooting. - Do you shoot it? - Yeah.
You can see the fish here.
When you see this fish right, you know that you are near the fish market already.
Gwangalli, ladies and gentlemen, it's not Gwang gali, not curry.
It's Gwangalli beach.
Is it called Millak?
Try reading the first two words.
- Millak. - Yeah, correct.
- Cross. Oh wait, its red light. - You always ask me to cross.
- Then you will "boom". - Yeah, then you will say I'm crazy.
This is the fish town.
So the first level I think, very clearly you can see that, come let's cross.
Very clearly...
It's green.
What the hell...
The first level is where you buy fish, fresh fish, seafood.
Then you go up to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th level...
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, to get it cooked and done.
- I already can feel the fishy and... - Fishy smell.
Can feel the fishy smell.
Come on, guys!
Oh, fish town, fish town!
No Korean.
No, no hangul.
Sashimi, sashimi!
- We ate this just now. - This? Oh my god.
- Oh! This is what we ate just now! - No, it's not.
It is!
- Holy sh*t! - What the hell is this? - That's why!
- I thought we ate eel? - What the f***, we ate this?!
Why is the fish not moving?
Because they know they have limited space in there.
- Why is it flat on the ground? - I don't know.
- It's just lying flat on the ground. - It's a style, different style.
It looks like a f***ing penis.
The thing looks like a f***ing penis you know?
Okay, yeah, we had a really quick tour of the place.
So yeah, ladies and gentlemen, they are very very desperate to sell their fish.
And very very desperate to kill them all.
This is the Millak, Millak right?
This is the... whatever, this is a place where you have a lot of heart-warming aunties here...
Trying to sell their fish, make us choose which fish to kill....
Then they go and chop chop chop.
So okay basically this is where you can choose all your fish and all your seafood, whatever...
And some penis looking worms.
That we ate just now, I think.
Then you bring them up to the, yeah like this.
You bring them up to the restaurants on top, get them cooked for you.
And enjoy your dish and feast over at this whole building.
Especially when you come to Gwangalli beach.
So you came here, take a look at the bridge.
Then you come here, you enjoy your seafood by...
Because you know why? Because the thing is very high, 10 stories high right?
- You can look across... - The entire beach.
With the bridge. So people, especially at this time they will go up and have a good look over.
And especially tonight is Friday night.
And of course, you have 24 hours of cafes over there. Bars, cafes, what not, you know...
Very good place to come and chill and enjoy, when you have the money.
Unlike us, we're already broke.
So sorry, we just Molla Molla Molla. (Molla = I don't know)
- Molla is no. - Oh... (I know I am wrong. TT)
So Molla Molla Molla.
So we just kept saying no.
What did I just say?
Damn, are you really studying the Korean language?
- Okay, okay. - I know 카카 주세요 is "give me discount please."
- Luckily you didn't say this. - You just said, "no please."
- Luckily you didn't say this. It's "no please", I think. 카카 means discount. So 몰라 주세요 means no please.
몰라 주세요 is no please! (We got it all wrong...)
I think I'm correct. (David you're a liar!)
Very good! You're finally of some use!
Damn you! Saying that I suck in Korean huh? (YES YOU GOT IT WRONG OMG!)
Basically, that's it for our day 5 tour in Seoul...
I mean, not Seoul huh, we're already in Busan.
If you wanna know the addresses of every place that I've been to for the past episodes and for this one as well...
Check out the description below, okay?
It stinks here.
- A sudden odor! - Damn, your saliva..."sudden ODOR!"
And by the way, the aunt beside is cooking the silkworm pupa.
And because it's like soaked in the water and cooked and then the water kept evaporating then the smell really cannot take it.
- Let's go now, let's go. - I really hate that smell. I really can't eat it.
Sorry man, I know Koreans you guys like to eat this, as much as I like to eat peanuts.
But then I really really cannot I'm so sorry man.
So that's it for today, if you like my videos, please stay tuned to my channel, okay?
And, this guy, he is David Lim. Make sure to check out his Instagram as well.
And make sure to click this link to check out my channel!
It's here, it's here.
Yeah, that's it for today, we will see you next episode!
If you haven't seen my past episodes...
Please, they are all here. Go and check it out!
They are all here, right on my palm you see? Now I'm holding it.
So you see? This is the past episode.
So make sure, to check out, the past episode.
Past episode, okay?


釜山哪里玩?廣安里海灘和民樂生魚片中心! #11 (Where to go in Busan? Gwangalli Beach and Millak Raw Fish Town! | South Korea #11)

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