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this video contains major spoilers ahead
so spoiler's alert.Today we are counting
down our picks for the deadliest spells
in the wizarding world of harry potter
number ten reductor curse
The incantation for this curse is reducto
this curse can be used to blast solid
objects into pieces
it is rather easy to reduce a target too
fine mist or a pile of ash
number nine Full body bind curse this
curse is also known as body freezing
charm its incantation is Petrificus
Totalus this curse paralyzes the
opponent . Petrificus Totalus
number eight
Imperius curse the Imperius curse is one
of the three unforgivable curses, its
incantation is Imperio. This curse allows
the caster to control the victims
"Imperio" . Very well Madam lestrange
if you will follow me . Number 7 Blasting curse the
incantation for this curse is Confringo
Confringo is a spell that
causes anything the spell comes
into contact with to explode.
number six "Sectumsempra"
Sectumsempra is a curse invented by
Professor Severus Snape during his
childhood years when he was known as the
half-blood Prince. This curse cuts or
slashes the target. Body parts severed by
this curse cannot be the regrown. Number 5
Cruciatus curse
the Cruciatus curse is also known as
torture curse. The incantation for this curse is
Crucio. Crucio is a tool of dark arts
and one of the three unforgivable curses it
is one of the most powerful and sinister
spells known to wizardkind. When cast
successfully the curse inflicts intense
excruciating pain on the victim
"Crucio". "Crucio" . Number four Disintegration curse
this spell is a curse that causes the person
who is hit to burst into small pieces
and disintegrate.
Number 3. Firestorm . Now the firestorm
is the only spell in this entire list
which is not a curse .The intensity with which this
spell is used certainly makes it a
contender for number two and number one
The fire storm is a charm which produces a
large ring of fire from around the
caster's wand .When the caster moves
so will the ring of fire move . In the same
direction swirling like a flaming lasso
the caster may also shoot jets or
balls of flames at an individual target
or opponent when fire is still being
produced which will inflict a small
amount of damage to them
Number 2 "Fiend Fyre" . Fiend Fyre is such a
dark and powerful curse that its
flames are one of the few substances
that are capable of destroying a Horcrux
if an unexperienced caster uses this
curse, the caster will be able to
conjure the flames but will have
virtually no control over the curse once
it has been unleashed .This curse creates
Bewitched flames that possess a sentience of
its own. With the continuous desire to burn
everything these flames are capable of
incinerating anything with mere touch
The flames created by this curse are of abnormal
large size and take shape of fierce
monsters and beasts such as snakes
dragons, eagles and chimera's constantly
mutating into other beasts as well as
powerful formless flames
Number One "Avada Kedavra"
Also known as the killing curse
this curse is a tool of dark arts and
one of the three unforgivable curses it
is one of the most powerful and sinister
spells known to wizardkind when cast
successfully on a living person or a
creature the curse causes an
instantaneous painless death without any
sign of violence on the body.
"Avada Kedavra" What makes this spell even deadlier is
the fact that the spell is unblockable
therefore shielding charms won't defend
against it
Do you agree with our list? Let us know
in the comments section below thank you
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for more such videos until next time


哈利波特裡十個最致命的咒語!(Top 10 Deadliest Spells In Harry Potter)

2566 分類 收藏
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