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Hi my name is Tuan. And I am Joe. We are the cofounders of ScholarJet.
ScholarJet was inspired by my experiences
of raising money for college.
When I was a senior in high school I was taking AP
classes, applying for colleges and studying for the
SAT as well as doing extracurricular activities.
All these things were
incredibly difficult for me because
English was my second language. So when I
was accepted into Northeastern University,
even working in multiple jobs,
my mom cannot afford it. So I took the matter into my own hands
and applied to over 40 scholarships. All the
scholarships required me to write multiple essays
which was not representative of my full potential.
ScholarJet is a web platform that revolutionize the scholarship process
by allowing high schools and universities to create
action-based Scholarship, which students can apply to.
Instead of only writing essays and submitting resumes,
Students can invert to show their
other talents by creating arts though computers
run hack marathons or even
helping community centers. Our Vision
is to provide students with the
mechanism to participate and reaching
challenges and raise money
as early as high school all the way to the
graduate college.
Learn more and show your support by
visiting ScholarJet.com
And follow us on Social Media


ScholarJet: An action-based scholarship platform

841 分類 收藏
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