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The gorgeous final trailer for Disney's live-action Beauty And The Beast has arrived!
Yippee ki-yay movie lovers, it's Jan here, and in this video, I'm going to take a look
at some cool easter eggs and things you might have missed in it!
If you spotted anything else, be my guest and do let me know in the comments below.
Near the start of the trailer, we see Belle teaching a young girl to read and pointing
to a page with a Blue Bird on it.
The page says "The Blue Bird that flies over the dark wood" which is a nod to the blue-birds
that fly over the wood at the very start of the animated movie, and also to the blue-coloured
bird that appears during the song "Something There".
When we hear that song in the original film, Belle is trying to bring out the Beast's gentler
side by encouraging him to feed the birds in his garden.
At first, they're all scared away with the exception of a little blue bird who jumps
into his hand.
By the way, if you look closely at what Belle's wearing as she teaches the young girl in the
trailer, you'll notice that her cardigan also has blue birds embroidered into the pattern.
And just after this scene, we also see Belle walking down the village street, reading a
book, just like the original 1991 animation.
And no one adds humour to this trailer quite like Gaston when we hear the words "you are
the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen" and then we see that Gaston is actually talking
to himself, admiring himself in a mirror.
It's a clever and funny riff on Gaston's opening song in the original animation where he sings
"there is only she, who is beautiful as me" while admiring his reflection in a silver
Later in the trailer, we also see a few more shots of Gaston.
In the first, he's standing beneath an inscription that reads "Gaston The Hunter", a nod to the
portrait of him in the animated movie where he poses with a gun.
However, in this remake, it looks like Gaston's weapon of choice may have been changed to
a sword rather than a gun, as this picture of him here shows him posing with a sword
and the words "Gaston the Victory".
There's also a slightly different set-up for Belle's father, Maurice, in this new movie
when we see him taken prisoner by Beast for picking a white rose.
In the 1991 movie, he was captured after stumbling into Beast's castle looking for a place to
take shelter.
This use of the white rose in Disney's live-action movie looks like it was inspired by the 1946
French film La Belle et la Bête by Jean Cocteau where Belle's father is caught by the Beast
when he takes a rose from Beast's garden.
And when we see the Beast's horned shadow appear over Maurice in the grounds, it's a
callback to the same thing happening to Maurice as he sits in a chair in the Beast's castle
in the animated feature.
In the trailer, it looks like Belle hits Lumiere over the head with a small wooden stool after
she's shocked to see a talking candlestick.
Which reminds me of the scene where Maurice drops Lumiere after being similarly scared
in the 1991 film.
This trailer also shows us a bit more of Chip and we get to see him do his bubbles trick
again just like he did when Belle first took a cup of tea in Disney's animated movie.
Just like the original, we see Belle flee Beast's castle after he flies into a rage
and as she's escaping through the woods, she's also attacked by a pack of wolves.
After Beast comes to her aid and gets injured, Belle goes to help him and says "You have
to help me, you have to stand."
This is a subtle nod and acknowledgement of the fact that the 1991 movie skips over how
Belle managed to lift the unconscious and enormously heavy Beast on to her horse.
The second part of the trailer introduces the new version of the original Oscar and
Grammy award-winning "Beauty And The Beast" song, which begins with the line "tale as
old as time", and is performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend.
If you're wondering why it's a duet when it's just Mrs Potts who sings it in the original
movie, well this is the pop version which will play over the end credits in the final
film, just like Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson recorded a pop duet of the song back in 1991.
And as Emma Thompson plays Mrs Potts in the new movie, we'll (presumably) hear her sing
a more traditional version of the song during the film.
When Beast shows Belle his library, he mentions that some of the books are even in Greek.
This is likely a reference to the origins of the Beauty And The Beast story in the French
18th-century fairy tale "La Belle et la Bête" which itself was influenced by the Greek myth
Cupid And Psyche.
Later in the trailer, we also see Belle's hand on a map of the world, a nice hint at
how she wants 'much more than this provincial life' as she sings in the 1991 film.
And it's also a little shout-out to the globe we see in the Beast's library and in the bookshop
that Belle loves to visit in that film too
And there are more nostalgic callbacks to the original 1991 animation as the "Tale as
old as time" plays over the trailer.
For example, Belle and Beast pick up their bowls to eat, there are some fantastic shots
of what we'll see during the new Be Our Guest song, and Gaston and Le Fou sing and dance
in what looks like will be a spectacular scene in the tavern.
Also while it's a more or less a recreation of the same scene from Disney's original movie
where Belle sings her song, there's also a "Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music"
vibe to the circle shot of Belle standing on a grassy hilltop overlooking a sweeping
And there's a very nostalgic moment when Belle curtseys to Beast just before they dance in
the ballroom.
You'll want to look carefully during this scene, as we get our first glimpse of Cadenza
who's moving gently in the background.
Cadenza is a grand piano and a new character created for the live-action adaptation.
He's played by Stanley Tucci and is described as a "neurotic maestro".
A grand piano did appear in the ballroom scene in the first animation, however it wasn't
a live character.
We also get some shots of what looks like a ball going on in the castle.
This could be showing us some of Beast's backstory before he was cursed.
We know that Prince Adam's mother and father, the King and Queen, have been cast in this
movie so we could get to see some of what life was like in the castle before the spell.
So, what did you think of the final trailer for the new Beauty And The Beast movie?
And how do you think it's going to compare to Disney's 1991 animation?
I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
If you enjoyed this video, do please hit that thumbs up button, share and subscribe.
And you can check out more of my Disney videos by tapping or clicking right here.
Thanks for watching and see ya next time.
Yippee ki-yay movie lovers!


你或許沒注意到的《美女與野獸》正式電影預告彩蛋!(2017) (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Final Trailer EASTER EGGS & Things You Missed (2017))

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