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  • Jon: If you've been around Christians you've probably heard the idea

    Jon: 當你和基督徒相處時,你可能曾聽過他們談論

  • of having a personal relationship with God,


  • which could mean different things in the Bible like having God as a friend,

    這種關係在聖經中可能會以不同方式呈現, 例如:視上帝為朋友、

  • or your Father, or maybe your teacher.


  • Tim: But there's one particular way that the Bible talks about this relationship

    Tim: 但聖經還用了另一種獨特的方式 來描述我們和上帝之間的關係。

  • that you find all over


  • but strangely we don't talk about it that much


  • and that's the idea of a partnership with God.


  • Jon: A partnership like working alongside someone to accomplish a goal together.

    Jon: 夥伴關係好比和另一個人一起完成一項目標。

  • Tim: Right. And this is actually what you see at the beginning of the Bible.

    Tim: 沒錯! 聖經一開始的確是這麼說的。

  • God creates this good world full of all of this potential,


  • and then God appoints these unique creatures, humans,


  • as his partners in bringing more and more goodness out of all that potential.


  • Jon: But the humans don't want to partner with God

    Jon: 但人類不想當上帝的夥伴,

  • they rebel and try to create a world on their own terms.


  • Tim: And so this broken partnership is the Bible's explanation for why we're stuck

    Tim: 於是聖經告訴我們,這破裂的夥伴關係使我們困在

  • in a world of corruption and injustice and the tragedy of death.


  • Jon: It's not like they're just one or two humans have bailed on this relationship.

    Jon: 不只是一兩人背離上帝的夥伴關係,

  • In a story in the Bible everyone has abandoned the partnership with God


  • Tim: So what God does is select a smaller group of people out of the many,

    Tim: 所以上帝從眾多人中,揀選了一小群人,

  • and makes a new partnership with them called a "covenant".

    上帝和這些人建立新的夥伴關係, 我們稱之為「立約」。

  • And in a covenant God makes promises


  • and then an exchange asks his partner to fulfill certain commitments.


  • And the purpose of all of this


  • is to somehow use this covenant relationship to renew his partnership with everybody else.

    透過「立約」, 使我們重新建立和上帝之間的夥伴關係。

  • Jon: Now, they're actually four times in the Old Testament

    Jon: 在舊約中,我們看到

  • that we were told God initiates a covenant relationship:


  • With Noah, Abraham, the Nation of Israel, and King David.


  • Tim: And its through these that God is forming a covenant family

    Tim: 透過立約,上帝構築一個

  • into which all people will eventually be invited.


  • Jon: So let's see how these work. The first one is with Noah.

    Jon: 我們來看看立約是怎麼運作的! 第一位立約者是諾亞。

  • Tim: So in this story God has just brought the flood to cleanse the world

    Tim: 為了洗淨滿是人類腐敗的塵世,上帝使洪水犯濫。

  • of humanities corruption. And Noah and his family are the only ones left.


  • And so God makes a covenant with Noah saying, "Listen...


  • ... I know that humans will continue to be evil


  • But despite that I'm not going to destroy it like this again.


  • Instead, the earth will be this reliable place for us to work together."


  • Jon: Great so was does Noah have to do?

    Jon: 太棒了! 所以諾亞需要做甚麼?

  • Tim: Nothing. And that's what's so interesting about this first covenant,

    Tim: 甚麼都不必做! 這就是第一則立約有趣的地方,

  • is that God is promising to be faithful even though he knows humans won't be.


  • Jon: The next time we see God make a covenant is with a man named Abraham.

    Jon: 接著,我們看到上帝和亞伯拉罕立約。

  • God chooses him, promises to bless him, give him a large family, lots of land where they can flourish.

    上帝揀選他、祝福他、 賜予他許多土地,並使他生養眾多。

  • Tim: And in return got asks Abraham to trust him

    Tim: 上帝只要求亞伯拉罕信仰祂作為回報,

  • and train up his family to do what is right and just.


  • And the whole reason for this covenant is that God says that somehow


  • he is going to bring his blessing to all families of the world through this one family.


  • Jon: So that's Abraham.

    Jon: 這就是上帝和亞伯拉罕立約的故事。

  • The next time we see God make a covenant is when Abraham's family grows


  • into the tribe of Israel.


  • Jon: And this covenant is with the whole tribe. Got asks them to obey a set of laws,

    Jon: 上帝和整個以色列部族立約, 祂要求他們遵守戒律,

  • which are these guidelines for living well as a community of God's partners.


  • And if they do this then God promises to bless them and that they will become


  • a people who then represent him to the rest of humanity.


  • Jon: That's the covenant with Israel. The last covenant is with King David.

    Jon: 這是與以色列立約的故事。 最後一次則是和大衛王立約。

  • Tim: Yes. The tribe of Israel has become this large nation ruled by David.

    Tim: 是的! 以色列部族已經成為國家並由大衛王統治。

  • And God asked David and his descendants to partner with him


  • by leading Israel in obeying the laws in doing what is right and just.

    帶領以色列國,遵守戒律並循真理與公義而為, 成為祂的夥伴。

  • And God promises that one day one of David's sons will come


  • and extend God's kingdom of peace and blessing over all the nations.


  • Jon: So those are the four covenants that God makes

    Jon: 這就是上帝所立的四則約。

  • in order to restore his partnership with the whole world.


  • Tim: But here's what happens...

    Tim: 但事情並沒有那麼順利,

  • Israel breaks the Covenant.


  • They worship other gods, they allow horrible injustice,


  • so they lose their land and are forced off in exile.


  • Jon: So it seems hopeless.

    Jon: 看起來沒希望了。

  • But during this time Israel's prophets talked about a day


  • when God would restore these covenants in spite of Israel's failure...


  • ...somehow.


  • Tim: Yeah, they called it the 'New Covenant'.

    Tim: 是啊! 他們稱之為「新立約」。

  • And this is actually what's so interesting about Jesus, is that he is introduced into this story


  • as the one who fulfills all of these covenant relationships.


  • We're told that he's from the family have Abraham.


  • And so he will bring the blessings of that family to the whole world.


  • We're told that he is the faithful Israelite who was able to truly obey the law.


  • And we're told that he is the King from the line of David.


  • and so he goes about extending God's kingdom of justice and peace to all.


  • Jon: And that's really remarkable for one guy.

    Jon: 真是個了不起的人。

  • Tim: Yeah, and what it highlights

    Tim: 是的! 而這也突顯了一件事,

  • is perhaps the most surprising claim of all made about this man:


  • that Jesus is no mere human.


  • But rather God become human.


  • And God did this in order to be that faithful covenant partner


  • that we are all made to be, but have failed to be.


  • And so through Jesus


  • God has opened up a way for anyone to be in a renewed partnership with him.


  • Jon: So Jesus calls people to follow him and become part of this new covenant family.

    Jon: 所以耶穌呼招人們跟隨他, 並成為「新立約」的一份子。

  • Tim: And despite their failures, Jesus is committed to making them into partners

    Tim: 儘管人們失敗, 耶穌仍致力使人們重新成為上帝的夥伴,

  • who are becoming more and more faithful.


  • Jon: The story the Bible ends with a vision of a fully renewed world

    Jon: 在聖經結尾有個異象,我們看到一個嶄新的世界,

  • full of goodness and peace.


  • Tim: And there's this renewed humanity there

    Tim: 在那裡,人們重新成為上帝的夥伴,

  • partnering tog ether with God to expand the goodness of his creation.


  • And so the end of the Bible's story is really a new beginning.


Jon: If you've been around Christians you've probably heard the idea

Jon: 當你和基督徒相處時,你可能曾聽過他們談論


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