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Noticing, remembering and using new vocabulary
is important, but can be difficult. Hopefully we can help you…
Start by asking yourself how you learn new vocabulary:
When you hear or see a new word in a foreign language, what do you do to make sure that
you remember it later? This teacher has some useful advice…
"One way I suggest students record vocabulary
is to write it down either in a notebook, or on an iPad or on their laptops that way
they can look back at the words later and I also find it helps them to remember new
So our first tip is to write down new words and phrases that you hear – and look back
at them later. How about when you discover that you don’t have a word in English to
say what you want. What does this student do?
"I choose a few useful words or phrases in
my own language - the ones I use all the time and would like to say - and find out what
the words or expressions are in English. Then I try working them into my conversations.
But I have found that literal translations don't always work!"
So there's a good tip – look at the useful
words and phrases you use in your language and then find out the English equivalent.
Remember to record it too!
Another useful way to increase your vocabulary might be to use a dictionary either an old
fashioned paper one or an online one.
Even though it might feel scary, it is very important that you use the new vocabulary,
otherwise you will forget it. In the beginning you could try out new words with your friends.
Later you can take a risk and use your new words in other situations. Don't worry; it’s
OK to make mistakes. So remember that's notice, remember and use your vocabulary.
Don't be shy – start building your vocabulary today. Good luck!


五個擴充單字量的考試技巧 (Exam skills: 5 tips about building vocabulary)

469 分類 收藏
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