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How would I describe this?
For those of you who don't know, Taiwan does not play when it comes to food.
So, I thought it would be fun to invite some of my friends who've never had it before and see what they think of it.
I don't think I've ever had Taiwanese food.
I've had Chinese food.
I've probably had it once without knowing it.
Heysong Sarsaparilla.
This is root beer.
I want to put ice cream in it.
It's like bubble gum.
Bubble gum, some apple juice.
Bubble gum?
Bubble gum soda?
Yeah, a little bit like a cream soda?
A little, like it's very, very sweet.
This looks like Korean pancakes.
It's very buttery.
There's oil in between every layer of this.
I would dip it in sauce.
Yeah, there's like flaky layers.
I feel uncomfortable watching you peel it open.
I'm diggin' it.
It reminds me a lot of latkes.
Every culture has something like a tortilla.
This definitely tastes Asian as f*ck though.
Is that garlic?
Is it just straight up cloves of garlic?
It doesn't have like the spice taste that a lot of sausages have.
You don't like it?
No, no it's not that I don't like it, I just haven't tasted this before.
It's kind of sweet.
But it's like a good sweet.
I don't get it, because sausage is ground up.
But this doesn't look ground up, it looks like it was ham.
I love the garlic with it.
I'm not mad at this.
The garlic is strong.
I love garlic, but it's a decision to eat straight garlic.
Yeah, I'll eat that.
Oh my god, noodles.
It smells so good.
Is this bok choy?
Funny because when I eat that kind of food, I never eat the cabbage.
Why don't you eat the cabbage YB, it's great!
I really like this.
Refreshing and naturey.
This is definitely like a lighter dish you would have.
It's not too salty, and it's not too sweet.
It's good, you know, it's beef noodle soup.
The thing with pho, is that the beef gets overcooked.
Yeah I gotta take you to better places then.
Oh... egg.
Oh my gosh.
This is like Bulgogi.
Yeah, I was about to say, this looks kinda like Bulgogi.
Taiwanese food is really similar to Korean food.
Oh my gosh.
I love dishes that have multiple animals in them.
It almost melts in your mouth 'cause it's just so soft.
As a kid, I always ate rice and I always hated eating rice 'cause then I'd always have to like, mix it with the meat and stuff like this, but this is like, drenched in like it's own sauce.
Yaaaas, all the way.
There weren't like a million ingredients in each thing, there were like three to five ingredients in every dish, but they work very well together.
Just like a few ingredients, all happily chillin' together in your mouth.
Get you some Taiwanese food or get you someone who knows how to make authentic Taiwanese food.
You can't have bland pork, you crazy?
Is it just going to be an ad for pork?
Eat pork!
Yeah, yeah, I think that's...
Brought to you by pork.
Brought to you by pork.



老外們第一次試吃經典臺灣美食!評價是...(People Try Taiwanese Food For The First Time)

41198 分類 收藏
韓澐 發佈於 2017 年 3 月 23 日    韓澐 翻譯    Sabrina Hsu 審核
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