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Welcome back, to Madrid.
Day number 6
So we're just leaving our apartment now
and going to go explore Madrid.
We're gonna go explore the...
...east side of Plaza Mayor,
since yesterday we kinda wandered around the old town.
We're planning to have lunch at one of the markets
and we're going to, hopefully, end the night with some churros!
J: It's going to be really hot! It's going to be 35 degrees!
A: But at what time will it be that? J: 5pm A: That's crazy! W: YEH!
Cos' the sun! it sets at like 10pm or something here...
A: So we're just at the local supermarket...
...and look, they have a great selection of little pastries here. So, if you want a little snack...
...or if you have one near you and you don't have time to get breakfast...
So, I'm just going to gra a croissant and I'm just going to grab a "Jah-Mon"
W: Jamon! A: Jamon *giggles*
W: Look how funny it is, you just sweep your bread to the side. A: Here we go!
Grab a bag down the bottom...
...and then that way,
it's so hygienic, because noone else will ever touch your food.
And I'm gonna get one of these...
...it looks scrumptious!
This one has a bit of ham and cheese.
There were so many delicious bakeries near our apartment in Madrid
And because it was Summer,
we didn't feel like eating any hot food for breakfast,
so these bakeries, were the perfect place to go.
Yesterday we walked past this bakery
on the way home, and we decided, yep, we're gonna have this for breakfast.
What I got, was um...
a chocolate flute?
and then I also got an empanadilla...
...a meat one.
This is how it looks like.
and what did you get Jenny?
J: I got the empanadilla as well, but I got the tuna and onion
J: and this sweet pastry as well.
W: Ooo...an apple...apple J: Some apple glazed...coconut...kind of thing.
W: and what did you get Anton?
A: Tuna and onion...and a croissant for later.
and I'm currently eating ham...
After breakfast
we set out exploring the streets of Madrid.
We eventually wandered into El Retiro Park,
which is a huge park in the middle of the city.
Inside the park, you will find a large artificial pond,
can you count how many fishes are inside?
For lunch, we decided to go to the local market
and see what we could find.
Look at all the jamon!
Today, we wandered into Mercado Anton Martin
and look at all the goodies we came home with.
We got some local delicacies. A: Real local food!
So we...well Anton...made friends with a lot of the locals
and then they recommended a lot of food for us.
So, we got some chicken
and it was stewed in some onion and garlic
and it was locally made by a lady in a small store
and the locals were all saying it was really good.
So we got a little to try.
Apart from the chicken, we also got this black ink squid.
W: and then we got... A: Beef Ragu...
it's basically a stew that they have here which is a local delicacy as well.
And these cherries were so cheap! Jenny, how much were they?
W: For this whole bowl? J: A dollar something...
W: One Euro something...
A: Which for us is ridiculously cheap
back home in Australia
they're pretty expensive.
And then, of course,
we are in Madrid, so we had to get jamon.
A: But we got some special Jamon.
W: Yeh, we got it from the market,
there was a stall called "Ismael".
So, we got two varieties of the black fur pig.
A: So we have two black pigs here,
and they're from different areas
and they're both fed acorns.
These are the highest quality ones that the store has.
So, it's actually about $129 euros!
a kilo.
and then this is a white pig
and here...
we got some olives as well, which was recommended by the same guy that was helping us out with the meat.
A: and then we actually met another guy there.
W: Yeh, that was the guy that recommended these stuff to us.
A: and so, olives here...these are some stuffed olives.
This is with sardines
and then inside there, you can see a mussel.
So there's olives stuffed with mussel and a bit of capsicum.
Then we got...there's cheese inside... they're little bell peppers.
and then this one's an anchovy
so you can see the anchovy is a lot darker than the sardine, and probably a lot saltier as well.
and then at the meat place, they obviously also sell cheese.
We got some different local cheeses,
Obviously the Camembert isn't, that's French.
A: This one's the normal cheese that's aged. W: Is that the fungus one?
A: Yeh, that's the fungus one
it's actually got fungus through it.
This one's a local one
and we got three slices.
It's not as strong.
This one you can have a lot of the time
and have a decent amount of quantity, so we got a slice each
and this one...
is a really nice blue cheese
so you can see some of the blue there.
From the olive store we got this garlic
it's actually pickled,
it doesn't taste like garlic!
It's really odd.
It actually has a really nice light taste to it
and then we have some olives here that have been stewed for a really long time
in some sort of tomato base, I think.
Then we got some two other delicacies,
this is just a salad that they have
W: Ensalada Russia...something like that...they were saying it's a Russian salad.
A: Yeh, they actually name it Russian salad
and this is something you gotta have
cold tomato soup, the liquid one.
After lunch, we had a bit of a siesta.
If you are visiting Spain during Summer,
you will quickly find, that a siesta is necessary, to escape the summer heat
Afterwards, we met up with some friends for dinner.
It was so much fun, just hopping around different tapas bars
trying different tapas.
Everyone: Cheers!
This place is famous for there churros
and the best thing, it's open 24 hours!
We stayed there and chatted until late,
and at the strike of midnight,
it was officially my birthday.
What a great way to end our trip in Madrid and Spain.
Thanks for watching guys
Don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video!


旅行日誌:美食天堂馬德里(TRAVEL VLOG #6: Madrid Part 2/2 - Foodie Heaven: Huge Market Food Haul

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