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It's something that I feel has been lost.
I even feel like the definition of respect has been moneyed a bit.
Because people have a tendency to apply it only to accomplishments that they
feel are worthy of praise and admiration.
I'm talking about respect on...
A basic level.
Even if you just boil it down to common human decency.
It's being lost.
The golden rule still applies
You still need to treat people, the way that you want to be treated.
And you're seeing it less, and less these days.
Because people have a automatic tendency
to assume that if someone is disagreeing with someone,
They are their enemy.
and they're inherently bad.
and they should be f****d.
But you can disagree with someone
and still respect them.
You can even hate someone
You can hate and abhorred their actions.
They're doing terrible things.
and they need to be "hated"
But you still, need to treat them with respect.
And that's hard.
And you may even be thinking like...
How can you do that?
That's not possible...
If they're a terrible person, they deserve to be treated unfairly.
And that's not the way
That I want to live.
We're all humans.
And either, we are all humans that are equal.
And, deserve to be treated as equals.
Or we're NOT!
And I know people are going to think i'm speaking too generally about this..
So I want to get specific.
I'm talking about this
Because of the frenzy that's surrounding Felix.
NOT Pewdiepie...
And I want to be very clear about something...
Felix is not an Anti-Semitic
And Felix does not advocate hate...
And I'm not even defending the jokes that he made
Because even he has apologised for some of the jokes that he did.
But he as a person,
as an inherent human being,
he's not these labels.
Because it's so easy to label someone.
It's so easy to do.
It's so easy to boil someone down
To a single word or a phrase.
And that's all they are.
Even if you're praising them.
I mean, normally it's when you're demonizing them.
But even if you're praising them.
Even if you're putting someone on a pedestal.
Or if you're calling them "human scum"
And trash, and garbage...
You're inherently dehumanising them in both aspects.
And that is something I will never stand for.
'Cause I've said it a million times.
Over and over, I repeat this all the time.
We as Youtubers
Are the exact same as YOU.
We're humans.
*stutters from humbleness* We're...
People wandering this world trying to figure out who we are.
Just the same as YOU.
And even though..
Someone like Felix is being attacked and is a lightning rod for hate.
Whether or not that is a fault of his own actions
Or the society that we live in.
Matter to me
Because what i'm talking about
Is the most basic human element
The one rule, that I know.
Very deep down
Is that we are all equal
and deserve to be treated with respect!
We're more than our labels
What the color of your skin is
I don't care what religion you believe in
I don't care where you've come from or where you are now.
All I care about
Is who
and whether or not
You're free to be able to discover that
And i'm not even just talking about Felix now
I'm talking generally.
Cause if we're EVER
Going to be more than we are right now
As a society
As people
As a species.
As planet Earth.
If we are ever going to be more than that.
We need to.. at THE MOST basic level
Respect each other
And it's hard.
It's hard to take the high road.
It's a lonely road.
No one wants to go that way.
Because it's so easy.
To seek vengeance.
apply the other rule.
An eye for an eye.
Or label someone
As a simple word or phrase
to dismiss them.
I know
people are even going to twist my words
People are going to say that i'm defending the wrong people-
Or i'm defending "bad" people.
Or i'm spreading hate indirectly.
because I support
other people.
The way
I see the world
I see
Each and everyone of us
Not defined by our
or our
But each and everyone of us
a new opportunity.
To find ourselves.
And in order to defend that.
I have to advocate.
The treatment of EVERYONE
As an equal
If you don't have that
What's going to become of us?
What's gonna happen in 50 years?
When the generations that follow us look back, and see
That their forefathers.
Were too afraid
To treat each other with the most basic level of respect.
I believe...
I believe very firmly.
That every single person in the world
Has the ability to do something amazing.
Or terrible.
To spread love
Or hate :(
And whether or not
They do one of the other.
Depends on us...
Depends on US
Being strong enough to take the highroad.
In the face of the worst adversity.
I have so much hope.
For people
I have so much hope.
This world, and I have so much hope
What we can do
To make it a better place.
And that is something I will defend
To the death!
When it comes
To dehumanizing someone..
Or anyone...
I won't stand for that.
Because at the end of the day.
There's going to be people
That follow us.
And it's up to you and me..
To show them, what respect
Really Means.
*Drops mic*



1216 分類 收藏
See Liu Ying 發佈於 2017 年 2 月 20 日
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