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  • sometimes everyone isn't really everyone

  • like when people say everyone's on the internet

  • because the truth is

  • for each person can get online

  • there are two that can't

  • and when you look closer, that everyone looks even less like anyone

  • in some places, it's more like one in a thousand

  • in others, it's one in ten thousand

  • and in some places

  • no one's online at all

  • but what if there was a way to light up the entire globe

  • and finally make all the world's information accessible to all of the world's people?

  • well, even though today

  • one in three kids can't get to a real secondary school

  • everyone could have secondary school come to them

  • in places where they bring enough doctors

  • everyone could be helped by doctors in other places

  • farmers everywhere could start using better weather data

  • so everyone could enjoy a better harvest

  • and because small businesses that are on the internet grow twice as fast,

  • everyone could create

  • new opportunities for everyone

  • but how do we bring affordable internet to everyone?

  • maybe finding an answer starts with looking somewhere new

  • like up

  • and trying something different

  • like balloons

  • that's right, balloons

  • because it turns out, that if you use balloons

  • it's faster and easier and cheaper to give everyone the internet

  • than it is to give some people the internet.

  • that's why they're giving it a try

  • and why there's hope

  • that someday soon

  • everyone really will mean everyone.

sometimes everyone isn't really everyone


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