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10 Superhero Movie Characters Who Could Defeat Batman
Even though 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice ended with the DC heroes teaming
up together to square off against Doomsday, it seemed pretty clear that when the two titular
characters fought (for however brief a moment it was), Batman had the upper hand.
The Dark Knight was one “mommy issue” away from disposing of The Man Of Steel – who
is arguably the most powerful superhero of all time.
So if Superman can’t defeat Batman…can anyone?
We’re taking a look at some of the most powerful heroes and villains from across the
Marvel and DC universes for our list of 10 Superhero Movie Characters Who Could Defeat
The Batman.
Deadpool Deadpool is one rude dude, with an R rated
The merc with a mouth has the ability to cut you on the outside with his swords and cut
you up on the inside with his foul mouth and relentless insults.
If Batman was so thrown off his game just by hearing his mother’s name, just imagine
how much Deadpool would be able to mess with him in a fight.
Wade Wilson is not just all bark either, he is gifted with regenerative powers – so
he is practically impossible to kill.
Not to mention, he once destroyed the entire Marvel universe in the comics.
Batman may be powerful, but we don’t like his odds against Deadpool.
Black Panther The world finally got to see The Black Panther on screen for the first
time in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.
The Wakandan warrior is a great match for The Batman and this would certainly be a very
long fight.
Both of these heroes have access to an amazing array of gadgets, gizmos and armor, but only
one of them has a Vibranium suit.
Black Panther and The Dark Knight would go toe-to-toe in some epic hand-to-hand combat
but ultimately T’Challa would use his heightened durability and psychological manipulation
to outlast Batman.
It’s a fight we are not likely to see on the big screen any time soon, so we will have
to stick to watching panthers and bats fight on the discovery channel.
Deathstroke Judging on the DC social media buzz, It looks
like a Deathstroke vs Batman fight is something that fans are going to get to see on the big
screen sooner rather than later.
While it might be easy to think that Bat-fleck will dispose of Joe Manganiello that may not
be the case.
Deathstroke, like Marvel’s Captain America is super soldier.
His time in the military revealed that he is the smartest, fastest, and strongest fighter
on the planet and that he even has healing powers.
So while the DCEU’s Cross-Fit Batman may be at the peak of human physical shape, Deathstroke
is, in almost every way, more powerful and poised to beat up the Batman.
Wolverine This is one fight that fans of superheroes,
comics and really just anything awesome have been hoping to see on the big screen for years.
Batman is very strategic and technical in his fighting tactics, where Wolverine is a
super powered predatory animal fueled by rage and instinctual fighting skills.
Batman would throw all of his best traps, tricks and gadgets and Logan and would do
some serious damage to him.
But all of that damage is of course lessened by Wolverine’s superb healing powers and
incredible strength.
It may take some time but given long enough, Wolverine would dispose of the Batman using
all of the things that make him the truly lethal weapon that he is.
Wonder Woman While the world always seems to be interested
in Batman taking on Superman, you don’t often hear about Batman facing off with Wonder
Maybe that’s because it’s much more one sided of a fight.
The world got a taste of Wonder Woman’s powers in Batman V Superman and they will
get to see them on display again in her 2017 solo movie.
It could be argued that Doomsday would have bested both Superman and Batman is Diana hadn’t
shown up to save the day.
Wonder woman is an extremely skilled combat artist and has an array of supercharged weapons
and costume pieces.
She has often beaten The Dark Knight in the comics and seems like she could on the big
screen too if she ever felt the need to.
Joker The Joker is probably Batman’s most famous
foe, especially in the movies.
His biggest strength against The Dark Knight is his relentless determination.
No matter how many times Batman beats The Joker within an inch of his life, he just
keeps coming back to haunt the people of Gotham.
The Joker may not win his one on one fights with Batman, but he often “wins” against
him in other ways.
Every time The Clown Prince of Gotham kills an innocent person or even someone close to
Bruce Wayne, it torments The Batman – and for The Joker, that is a win.
The Joker causes some physical danger to The Dark Knight but the way he really beats him,
is by constantly messing with his sanity and sense of humanity.
Luke Cage The titular star of the 2016 Netflix Marvel
series, Luke Cage, is an extremely gifted fighter and ex-con who would not be afraid
to face off against The Batman if prompted.
His superhuman strength and unbreakable skin would be a lot for The Dark Knight to handle
in one on one combat.
Like Batman, Cage has a history of fighting gangsters and his super powered abilities
help him to take of multiple foes at once.
A street fight between these two really could go either way, but they might be better off
teaming up together for “Vigilante/Ex-Con” buddy cop style adventure and cleaning up
the streets as a duo.
The Hulk This one seems a bit unfair; The Hulk goes
against armies and characters that are far more powerful than The Dark Knight on a pretty
regular basis.
The Hulk's strength is potentially limitless, his skin is almost impenetrable, and his healing
factor rivals that of Wolverine.
Batman may have some nifty gadgets, but most of them won’t even phase the Hulk!
The only chance that Batman has of defeating the Hulk is to get him with a sneak attack
or to calm him down once he’s angry, the latter of which is practically impossible.
So unless the two men plan on bonding over sharing the first name Bruce, we suggest that
Mr. Wayne steer clear of the Mean Green Machine.
Iron Man This battle of the billionaires would certainly
be one for the ages…and the checkbooks.
The two men make for a great match in terms of wits and technological abilities.
This battle would likely be one of the closest ones on this list, but we have to give the
edge to Iron Man.
If Tony Stark ever found himself in trouble or with a suit destroyed by Batman’s best
efforts, he can always just call for another one.
This may seem like a cop out, but it certainly would be an effective move that Bruce Wayne
simply can’t match.
On top of that, Tony does have The Hulkbuster at his disposal – a suit likely too powerful
for Batman to be able to handle.
This battle would be close, but Tony keeps his billions and his life.
Harley Quinn Batman was first introduced to Harley in the
Batman: The Animated Series television show and most recently in 2016’s suicide squad.
While she may be fun to look at, she definitely would not be fun to go up against in battle.
She is a natural enemy of Batman and her impressive combat skills would allow her to not be destroyed
by Batman’s legendary fighting abilities.
Harley is also skilled with a variety of weapons such as her mallet, her baseball bat and even
her killer pistol.
All of which would help her counteract Batman’s numerous gadgets.
Harley’s biggest edge of Bruce Wayne however, comes from her training as a psychiatrist.
Her ability to get into Batman’s head and psychologically hit him where it hurts the
most could leave him beaten in front of her before the battle even begins.
So there’s our list of 10 superhero movie characters that could defeat The Batman.
Do you agree with our list?
Are there any other characters that we missed?
Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
for more fun videos – like this one!
Thanks for watching!
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