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Hello and welcome back to English with Lucy.
Today I want to talk to you about proverbs.
But do you know what proverbs are?
Proverbs are usually short, clever little sentences
that natives will use in conversation without even realizing it
they often offer good arguably arguably good life advice.
Today I'm going to talk
to you about five proverbs and their
meaning and what we would use them.
The first proverb that I'd like to talk to you about is
the grass is always greener
this means that you shouldn't be jealous
of what other people may have or may
appear to have because they could also
be looking at what you have and feeling
jealous as well so quite literally this
is probably talking about a neighbor
looking at his neighbor's garden and
thinking his grass is greener than my
grass but it could just be his point of view
his neighbor may be looking in his
garden and thinking oh god his grass is greener than mine
so basically means don't be jealous because it might not be what it seems.
The next proverb is
don't judge a book by it's cover
this is another proverb that teaches us that things are not always as they seem.
The proverb tells us to not judge someone
by their appearance or the way they
dress or just generally how they look or act.
A really old dirty book could have
an amazing story to tell inside.
Or a really beautiful book could be really
boring inside and so this proverb is
talking about books but relating it to people.
somebody might have a mohawk and
lots of scary makeup and spikes all over
them but they might also have a kitten
fan page or Instagram you never know
so don't judge a book by it's cover.
The next proverb is when in Rome do as the Romans do
and this means that when you are visiting somewhere
you should try and act as a local person is considered
respectful and polite i love this one it
means that when you travel you need to
adapt to the culture whether that's
covering your skin or adapting to their
meal times I think it's really important to respect and adapt to culture
a lot of people could learn from that one actually
The next proverb is
practice makes perfect and this one sort of speaks for itself
you're not going to pick up a violin and
play like velde you need to practice the
more you practice the closer you are to achieving perfection
and the same goes for your English practice makes perfect
the last proverb is actually my personal
favorite and it's about determination
it is where there's a will there's a way
it means that if you want to do
something enough then you will find a way of doing it
nothing is impossible there is always a way
I used to say this one to myself a
lot because when i started the English with Lucy youtube channel
I had no idea how to work a camera a funny story is
that my dad let me a small amount of
money to buy a camera and a tripod
so I bought them both secondhand and when they
arrived they didn't work so I found out
the company and I said look you've sent
me the camera you've sent me the tripod
but it's not filming anything and they
told me that I haven't bought a lens
but I went from not knowing anything about cameras photography video production anything
to being able to make videos three times a week and every time I come
across a problem whether it be with
filming lighting editing noise
a lot of obstacles in my way
I always say to myself where there's will, there's a way
if you want to do this Lucy you will find a way of doing it
so I hope that motivated to a little bit right guys that's it for today's lesson
don't forget to connect with me all of my social media
and remember that I have my free live pronunciation lesson every sunday at four thirty
and I will see you soon for another lesson


五個優雅的英語諺語 (5 Lovely English Proverbs)

985 分類 收藏
yuebear 發佈於 2017 年 2 月 11 日    B.Y.l 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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