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(lighthearted music and whistling)
- Why are you guys so obsessed with Ranch dressing?
- Why is it on everything?
- Pizza does not need to be dripped in Ranch.
- Why is it called Ranch?
- No American has been able to tell me
exactly what is in ranch dressing.
- Is it from the ranch?
Does it contain flavors that you would
assimilate with a ranch?
Why does all of your money look exactly the same?
- Change it up a little, add some color, a little flair.
- It's like a big joke to fool people when they're drunk
into tipping more than they should.
- Who came up with a one cent coin? Why?
- We got rid of them a million years ago.
I don't even remember one cent and two cent coins.
- How much did it cost to make?
It couldn't have cost one cent. You're losing money.
- You guys don't even like pennies.
They drop 'em, they're everywhere.
- You gotta tell me, why is your cheese orange?
- Why is your cheese orange?
- Seriously, my mom stared at the cheese for like a week.
And was like, nah, I don't understand.
- And why is it in a can.
- And I tried cheese in a can.
It's disgusting.
It tastes like cheese in a can!
- Cheese doesn't belong in a can.
Cream, I get. Cheese, no.
- Why are your drinks so bloody big?
- But yet not a car with a cup holder big enough for it.
- Your sizes that you serve in America
are actually illegal in Australia.
- Australians do not drink Foster's.
- Why do you all think that we drink Foster's?
- Don't believe the advertising, people.
We don't all drink Foster's.
- We got bloody VB, mate, we got XXXX.
They're Australian beers.
- Why don't you just add sales tax to the price tag?
- Why don't you just add the sales tax to the price tag?
- Like everybody else.
- It's so frustrating.
- In Australia we have a Goods and Services Tax,
and it's all included.
It says $10, it's $10.
- Don't tell me that it's $12.45.
I don't wanna know that, I wanna know the real price.
- Your non-metric system, whatever you use--
- I do not understand why you guys do not
convert to the metric system.
- If you want to make math easier, go metric.
- It's so sweet.
Ten! Everything's tens.
- And zero is freezing, 'cause that makes sense.
- One meter is a hundred centimeters.
One mile is like, ah, that many feet,
just keep going, keep going.
Yeah, that'll do.
- What's with your gun laws?
I'm neither against it nor for it.
I just, I guess I'm just a little confused by it.
- It's crazy easy to buy a gun.
I went to the Midwest and I went to Walmart,
and they just sell them there.
- I was in Mississippi and
my friend bought an AK-47 on a whim.
That was weird.
- When that amendment was written,
no one had weapons that could dispense, like,
200 bullets a second.
They were muskets that took like ten minutes to load.
- What's going on with your gun laws?
They're nuts. Babies can have guns.
- Why do your pharmacies sell beer?
- Next to the condoms and the tampons, there's beer.
- Why do pharmacies sell beer?
Why the hell not?
I think it's fantastic.
I love this country!



澳洲人想問美國人的十個問題! (10 Questions Australians Have For The U.S.)

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