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Hey, what's up GG (guys and girls)? CouilleBleu's back today to play
Here are the runes, masteries, skill distribution and items that you'll need to roflstomp like a boss.
In the laning phase, you should always use your Dirty Ball on your opponent if you want to see his life get sucked like a milkshake,
especially if the enemy's using a health potion.
Thanks to that skill, you can make a minion go KABOOM, damaging every fuckabish around it.
And that is why you can deal tons of damage at level 1 without buying Phreak's trademark item.
Add a Roflstomp to your combo and your opponent will hate playing mid for the rest of his life.
To get a kill, you should make the enemy think that you're AFK and when she gets close to you, do a Roflstomp-Dirty Ball combo and finish her off with an Ignite.
The other way to get a kill is to make your gay younger brother think that you're going back home and surprise him with a Flash-Roflstomp-Dirty Ball combo
and push him with your Bullet Bill before he touches your cutie body.
If you're getting ganked by the enemy jungler,
wait until your nemesis shows up to Roflstomp and Flash in the air to dodge that ultimate and finish her off with a Dirty Ball-Bullet Bill combo.
Want to kill anyone in less than a second?
Stop doing any fancy tricks and do a simple Roflstomp-Dirty Ball-Bullet Bill combo like a boss.
And now, everytime you savagely jump on the enemy, she will probably Flash away because she just pissed in her pants.
Rocking your lane is good and all, but sometimes,
it's better to Roflstomp on the minions to push your lane and gank the other lanes with the same destructive combo that you always use.
My name is Tristana, and that is how I ninja gank people kissing their turret's ass.
Late game, you'll be so fed that you can randomly kill anyone hiding in a brush and you can kill any squishy baby carry with a mere Dirty Ball.
With your Quickie skill, you can take out a turret faster even if you're dealing no damage with your Auto-Attacks.
With your Bullet Bill skill, you can save a teammate by pushing back the enemies or you can secure any kill for yourself...like a greedy kiddo.
With your Roflstomp skill, not a single minion will survive after getting a taste of your weight and this also applies for your twin sister.
You can also get away from any dirty situation and if you combine it with Zhonya, you'll wreck anyone below you.
A wannabe's trying to copy you? He will get whooped by Tristana's wrath, no problem!
With your Dirty Ball's passive, you'll witness some explosive fireworks everytime there's a big wave of minions.
Its active will let you shoot a Dirty Ball on a single target, killing anyone slowly and painfully.
Combine all your skills into a combo and you will be able to (THANK YOU FOR READING THIS) any day.
When doing some ninja ganks, using your Roflstomp-Dirty Ball-Bullet Bill combo will be enough to send any fuckabish to oblivion without failure.
Or, if the enemy's already low on health, you can simply propel yourself and shoot your Bullet Bill in mid-air like a greedy kiddo.
In teamfights, you should finish off any enemy that is low on health and every time your team gets a kill, you will be able to Roflstomp everyone on the battlefield.
That's right! No one will be able to support the weight of your jumps.
Roflstomp Mister Underwear, use that once again to avoid Articuno's attack and Bullet Bill her,
jump on that girl to make her focus her attacks on you until your team comes to wreck her in pieces.
Sometimes, you won't need your team to kill someone hugging his turret, so do not hesitate to take a freebie and get out of there before anything happens.
Chinese Spear taking the long road? Teemo's bitch take the shortcut.
That's it for today, people!
Don't forget to check out my channel for more boring League of Legends videos.
Feel free to leave a comment in any language you want, but I'll only answer those in English and in French because I'm a racist fuckabish.


AP Tristana - Teemo's Call Girl - League of Legends

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