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New Rules:
Donald Trump is the grown-up version
of every pain-in-the-ass kid
whoever sat behind you on a plane
kicking the back of your seat
while the parents did nothing.
"Little Logan is just exploring."
No, little Logan is being a dick,
and if you won't shove him in the overhead bin, I will.
Stop trying to pin the rise of Donald Trump
on easy targets like
racism, xenophobia, and fetal alcohol syndrome,
and put the blame where it belongs
- on the self-esteem movement.
Have you noticed that nobody,
nobody ever does anything better than Donald Trump?
"Nobody builds walls better than me...
I will be the greatest job president...
Nobody knows the system better...
Nobody would be tougher on ISIS...
Nobody loves the Bible more...
There's nobody better at the military...
I could be more presidential than anybody."
He really said all those things.
Trump is the perfect candidate for the country
that scores low in math and science,
but off the charts in self esteem.
A study of eight developed countries
found that U.S. students were dead last in math skills,
but No. 1 in confidence in math skill.s
Yes, we're No.1 in thinking we're No.1.
And when the numbers don't validate that confidence?
We change the numbers!
In the '60s, at Yale, 10% of all grades were A's.
Now, it's 62%.
Donald Trump is the epitome
of what they say on reality shows.
"Hey, the most important thins is just 'you doing you'."
Yah, but what if "you" is a big asshole?
Share this video if you think Donald Trump should rethink his confidence.


喜劇演員比爾為川普旁白 (Bill Maher Animated Narration of Donald Trump)

460 分類 收藏
Kristi Yang 發佈於 2017 年 2 月 3 日    Clément 翻譯    Kiara 審核
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