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I've been a Christian for half of my life.
I've worked hard for the Lord all along.
He should reveal to us first when He returns.
The Lord cannot possibly forsake me.
He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit said to the churches.
Those who haven't received God's revelation
yet can recognize God's voice and directly accept Almighty God,
are truly the blessed ones.
I've believed in the Lord for years,
yet this is the first time I've ever heard
that God has been incarnated to do the work of judgment.
Though it conflicts with my past imagination and notion,
it's in accordance with the Bible, practical and also beneficial.
However, there's still one thing I don't understand.
I've been a Christian for half of my life.
I've worked hard for the Lord all along and waited for His coming again.
Why didn't the Lord reveal to me when He came?
The Lord cannot possibly forsake me.
I am very confused by that.
I would like to know what you think. Fellowship about it. (Mm.)
Yes. I think maybe we all thought the same thing.
Since we've worked hard for the Lord,
He should reveal to us first when He returns. (Yes.)
Since people have followed the Lord half of their life,
worked hard and waited for His return,
they believe that when He comes, they'll be given a revelation.
This is man's imagination, incompatible with the fact of God's work. (Right.)
At that time,
the Jewish Pharisees travelled around the world preaching God's way.
Did the Lord then give them revelation when He came?
In addition, did any one of the disciples
follow Lord Jesus because they received revelation from Him?
None of them did.
Although Peter received God's revelation
and recognized Jesus as Christ, the Son of God,
it was just after he followed Him for a period of time,
heard a lot of the Lord's preaching, and after a while knew more about Him
that he got the Holy Spirit's revelation and knew the Lord Jesus' true identity.
Peter didn't receive the revelation before he followed the Lord Jesus.
This is a fact.
Whoever followed the Lord Jesus recognized He was the upcoming Messiah.
This is all because they had heard a lot of His teachings.
It's not because they received the revelation first,
and then recognized Him, and then followed Him.
In the last days, Almighty God has already arrived secretly to do judgment work.
There are several millions of people who accept and follow Almighty God.
They didn't accept God because of receiving the revelation from the Holy Spirit.
All of us here have followed Almighty God after recognizing His voice
by reading Almighty God's word and fellowshiping the truth.
That's right.
It's sufficient to prove that when God incarnate comes to work,
He'll never reveal it to anyone to believe Him and follow Him.
Besides, in the last days God does the judgment work by expressing the truth.
Work in the last days is the work that God speaks to the entire universe.
So everyone can hear God's voice.
God's expression in the last days
is His first time to speak publicly to the entire universe
and to the whole entire human race since the beginning of creation.
God has mentioned several times in Revelation,
He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit said to the churches.
In the last days, God finds His sheep
through expressing all of His words and expressing the truth.
God's sheep will hear the voice of God.
Those who are able to understand God's voice are God's sheep.
They are the wise virgins.
Those who can't discern God's voice, they are the foolish virgins.
This way, men're divided into categories.
How wise and righteous God truly is!
God is fair and just to everyone.
Yes. God has expressed so many words and uttered so much voice.
If people still can't hear or recognize, aren't they the very foolish virgins?
In every denomination and sect,
there're some people hearing God's voice and returning to God.
Aren't these people the treasures who were "stolen away"?
The Lord comes in secret just in order to gain these treasures.
He will make these people who're first raptured to His throne the overcomers
before the disasters.
Those who just wait for God's revelation but are unable to recognize God's voice
from the words expressed by Him,
just prove that they don't love and respect the truth or know the Lord.
They could never be God's sheep.
These people will naturally be the objects rejected and eliminated by God.
Just like what the Lord Jesus said to Thomas,
The Lord Jesus also said,
You can see the Lord's wisdom is right here.
If the Lord revealed Himself in advance,
then why would He say God's sheep hear His voice and listen to His words?
Wasn't it contradictory?
God reveals whether one belongs to God
by whether he can hear or not hear the Lord's voice.
This is where God's justice and righteousness lies.
Those who haven't received God's revelation
yet can recognize God's voice and directly accept Almighty God,
are truly the blessed ones.
So then investigating the truth doesn't depend on receiving God's revelation.
The key is to discern God's voice from Almighty God's word.
Those who find God's word as the truth and thus accept God,
are the true believers who love the truth and thirst for God's appearance.
If a person simply longs for God's revelation,
it's difficult to say
whether he really understands and loves the truth and knows God's voice.
So people accept the Lord's coming,
entirely because they hear the Lord's voice and see that His word is the truth.
Thus they accept and obey the Lord's appearance and work.
Those people are the only ones who're truly raptured before God.
If people just wait for God's revelation
without seeking out the words of the Holy Spirit to the churches,
they deserve to be eliminated and rejected by God's work.
They are the ones who will mourn and grind their teeth in disaster.


福音電影片段《敬虔的奧秘》(Gospel Movie clip "The Mystery of Godliness" (2) - The Wise Virgins Can Recognize God's Voice)

1586 分類 收藏
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