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  • We know that the Bible is long and for many people an intimidating book, but we

    我們知道聖經的內容很多, 對許多人來說讀經是一件令人心生畏懼的事

  • believe that the entire thing is telling one unified story that leads us to Jesus.

    但我們認為整本聖經是在告訴我們同一個故事, 並且這個完整的故事指引我們轉向耶穌

  • And so we want to help you learn how to read the Bible as you actually read

    所以我們要幫助你在讀整本聖經的過程當中 同時也更了解要如何讀聖經

  • through the entire thing for yourself so the Read Scripture experience is first of all

    首先這個''Read Scripture''(讀經歷程) 是一個讀經計畫,將整本聖經故事分為16章

  • a reading plan that has broken up the story of the Bible into sixteen chapters.


  • Now we rearrange the order of some of the books to help you see how this


  • overall story works and how each book contributes to it. So we begin with


  • creation of the world in the fall of humanity which leads to God's covenant


  • promises to Abraham, and his family the people of Israel. Then you come to God's

    進而至神的應許, 即為神與亞伯拉罕、他的家人到全以色列人民所立的約

  • rescue of Israel in the exodus from Egypt, which is followed by the Covenant God

    接著,神將以色列人從埃及拯救出來, 並帶領他們進入西奈山,與他們立約。

  • makes with them at Mount Sinai. From there God leads Israel through the


  • wilderness and then into the Promised Land where Israel grows into a nation

    在應許之地,以色列人興盛成為一國, 卻也背棄與神所立的約。

  • and breaks the Covenant. So this flows into the rise and fall of Israel's

    接著,以色列王國的興盛與衰敗, 最後終至被趕出應許之地,流離失所。

  • Kingdom, which ends with Israel being exiled from the land. Now the story

    故事到這裡稍作暫停, 你會讀到以色列進入流亡時期前先知所做的詩篇

  • pauses right here and you'll read through the poetry of the prophets who


  • lived before Israel's exile and also of the wisdom writings that reflect on


  • this part of the story as well. After this the story will pick up again and

    舊約以歷代志作結束,這是舊約故事的概要, 並且如何預表耶穌。

  • you'll read the writings of the prophets who lived during the exile, then about

    接下來我們終於讀到關於耶穌的一切, 以及祂所宣講的神的國度

  • the return of Israel from exile and the writings of the prophets who lived


  • after that exile. You'll conclude the Old Testament with the Book of Chronicles.


  • It's a summary of the story so far and how it all points forward to Jesus. And


  • finally we come to Jesus Himself and His announcement of the Kingdom of God, which


  • is then followed by the letters of the Apostles to the people of Jesus' Kingdom.


  • Finally, we'll conclude the entire biblical story with the Revelation.


  • A poetic vision of Jesus's return and the healing of all creation.


  • Each of these sixteen chapters has a number of reading sessions it will take to complete it.

    這些影片會架構出每本書卷的內容, 也會讓你知道特別該注意的細節

  • Some of these are shorter, others are longer, but if you take just 15 to 20 minutes a day to


  • complete each session, you'll be able to read through the entire Bible in less


  • than a year. Now even with this map, many books of the Bible are really confusing. It's


  • very easy to get lost and so when you start each new book of the Bible you'll


  • be able to watch a short video


  • that lays out that book's structure and flow of thought and we'll give you tips


  • about what kinds of things to look for as you read. But also, every book

  • contributes to the overall story of the Bible as well and so we'll have theme

  • videos placed at strategic points in the reading plan to help you see how the

  • part of the Bible you're reading at the moment fits into that larger story.

  • Finally each day's reading session includes a Psalm because we believe that

  • reading the Bible is not just an intellectual experience but also

  • spiritual. And so we invite you to take the year to develop the daily habit of

  • praying through the Psalms and by the end of the year you'll have prayed through

  • the whole book of Psalms two and a half times. Our hope is that the Read

  • Scripture experience will help you read through the entire Bible with greater

  • understanding than you ever have before so you can see for yourself the beauty

  • and the wisdom of this ancient story that points us to Jesus.

We know that the Bible is long and for many people an intimidating book, but we

我們知道聖經的內容很多, 對許多人來說讀經是一件令人心生畏懼的事


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