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NATHAN SAWAYA: Lego has given me the title "really unique customer",
because I buy hundreds of thousands of Lego every month.
I used to practice corporate law in New York City--
mergers, acquisitions, really excited stuff.
And I would come home after a long day at the law firm,
and I would need some sort of outlet.
And I would draw.
I would paint.
And sometimes I would sculpt.
It was just one day I thought about this toy from my childhood, Lego bricks.
Could I sculpt large scale sculptures using this toy?
And so I started experimenting.
And I dug out all the old bricks I had from when I was a kid
and just tried to replicate things I saw in my apartment.
And I put together a website which became really my virtual gallery.
People started contacting me and saying hey,
can you build me this?
Can you build me that?
Actually when my website crashed from too many hits
that I realized ah, there's something to this.
And I decided to make that change.
And I left the law firm behind to play with bricks full time.
The reaction from friends and family was interesting.
And there was some people who were a little negative about it
and thought I was crazy.
I didn't know how long it would last.
I thought, maybe I'll be able to pay rent next month,
but I don't know if I'll have a job after that.
During those down times when I didn't have something,
didn't have a commission, that's when
I would create art for myself.
And that's really what "The Art of the Brick"became,
this exhibition of art that I created on my own
that now tours the globe.
The time that it takes to create a sculpture
really depends on the size and complexity of the piece.
So a life size human form can take up to two to three weeks.
Something smaller could be done maybe in a few days or a day.
The longest I've ever worked on something
is about three months for a sculpture
of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that was about 20 feet long.
Recently I spent two months working on a Batmobile.
The bricks I use in my art are the very same bricks that people can purchase at a toy store.
I don't paint them.
I don't have access to special colors or special shapes and sizes.
And we're in my art studio today where I have
over 5 million Lego bricks.
When you look at my sculptures up close,
you see all those sharp corners and right angles.
And then you back away from it, and all those corners,
they blend into curves.
And that's kind of the magic of using Lego bricks.
You know, you don't have to find one career path.
There are many ways to get to where you want to go,
even if you don't know where that is right now.
You can always change what you are.
NARRATOR: To see how close pro snowboarder Mike Basich
chases storms in his mobile, tiny home,
watch this next video.
MIKE BASICH: The view always changes,
which has been really fun.
You just pull up the side of road,
all of a sudden you have lakefront property,
international forest.
Next one you're on a little creek or out in the desert.
The landscape's just amazing.
It's like having real estate that's priceless.
Everyone misses home at some level.
You never get homesick with this.
NARRATOR: Thanks for watching.
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為了成為樂高藝術家,我放棄了法律 (I Left My Law Career To Be A Lego Artist)

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Kristi Yang 發佈於 2017 年 3 月 4 日   Erica Lin 翻譯   Mandy Lin 審核


你有沒有曾經對未來感到徬徨、或是對現在在走的方向感到不確定嗎?又或者你深知這並不是你想要的生活,卻又被現實條件壓得喘不過氣來、沒有勇氣輕意放棄安逸的現況、勇敢築夢呢?相信大家在成長的過程中或多或少都經歷過這種自我懷疑,這時候聽聽前輩們的說法和心得,真的可以讓心情安定許多哦!就讓我們來看看知名的樂高藝術家 Nathan Sawaya 的心路歷程吧!

1hundreds of thousands of 0:04
這個片語的意思是「成千上萬」的意思,要注意 hundredthousand 後面都有加 s,而且有兩個 of 哦!這個片語並沒有特別指一個範圍的數量,只是表達「數量非常多」的意思。但如果後面的 of 拿掉變成 hundreds of thousand,意思則會變成介於二十萬到一百萬(不到)中間的數字,就會有一個範圍在;補充 tens of thousand 則是指兩萬到十萬(不到)之間範圍的數量哦。
You can see hundreds of thousands of wildebeests migrating in our magnificent safari package tour in Africa.

I'm not sure about the exact amount of the first prize. Maybe it's around hundreds of thousand dollars I guess.

補充類似的片語還有 thousands upon thousands,好幾個一千堆疊起來的感覺!

未來一千年內的人類 (Humans In 1000 Years)

firm 有兩個不同的意思,除了影片中作為名詞的「公司」以外,另外一個很常見的用法是作為形容詞,解釋為「穩固的;堅定的」,也可以當作「使穩固」的動詞使用哦!
I just can't get rid of the idea that the suspension bridge is not firm enough to carry us and we will fall into the valley.


firm 通常指的是「小公司」或是「事務所;工作室」,像是影片中提到的 law firm「律師事務所」或是 accounting firm「會計事務所」,一般都是指這種專業性質非常高的職業。
Monica works as an intern in a famous accounting firm this semester.
Monica 這學期在一間很有名的會計事務所當實習生。

enterprise 通常會被翻為「企業」,但不一定規模就會很大,畢竟我們也常常聽到「大中小企業」這種說法吧?
Some small enterprises fail because of the owners being too naive and having unrealistic expectation.

company 則是比較廣泛的「公司」,而我們常常在公司名稱後面看到的 Co., Ltd (limited) 就是「有限責任公司」的意思哦!一般這種公司是不會發行股票的。
When I'm deciding which company to invest in, I care a lot about how they embody social responsibility.

corporationincorporation 都是指「股份公司」,都有資格公開發行股票,但後者的特色在於其特指股東是法人的企業,還有在股東人數限制上的一些差別。最常聽到的兩大公司就是微軟 Microsoft Corp. 和蘋果 Apple Inc.
This attorney is specialized in dealing with cases like corporate mergers and acquisitions.

這裡的 last 可不是「最後的」或「最近的」意思哦!而是動詞「持續;保持」。
Most teenage girls have this fantasy that their first love will last forever.

last for + 一段時間,表示某事物維持一段時間。
Transfer stickers can last for about two to three days.

last + out 則表示「承受;維持」,有種並不是很足夠但繼續撐著的含意。
In the harsh winter like this, it's almost impossible for those passengers to last out in the water until the rescue team arrive.

【TED-Ed】誰贏了太空競賽?(Who won the space race? - Jeff Steers)

4up to 1:47
這個片語的解釋有很多,而這裡的 up to 意思是「最高;最多」,有一種已經碰到天花板,不能再高了的感覺。
I can't believe they offer up to 100,000,000 dollars for the patent of this product!

另外 be up to 還有「取決於...」的意思。
I don't mind going out or staying at home; it's really up to you.

be up to 也有「忙於...」的意思。
I haven't seen you in ages! What are you up to ?

最後補充一個片語 up to date,就是指「最新的」,口語中的 up 是指「新的」意思,像是我們常常聽到的 what's up?,也可以說 what's new? 就是在問別人最近過的如何的意思。而 to date 是「到目前為止」的意思,所以整個片語就是「到目前為止的新的東西」,也就是「流行的;最新的」意思啦。
Those vintage dresses are really up to date; my mom will be so happy they are coming back again.

這裡的 access 指的是「進入...的機會;權限」,做為名詞使用,操作電腦時的「存取」也是用這個字,也可以當動詞「接近」使用。
There's an error saying I don't have the access to my own account, am I being hacked?

Due to the restriction policies, you can access only limited websites in China.

accession 也有「接近;到達」的意思,但是一般會用在權力的接近等等,像是「登基;就職」等等。
Little did he know that the day of his accession was also the day of his death.

accessibility 則是「易達性;可親近」的意思。同樣都由 access 延伸的詞,意思在某個程度上也很相近但卻不完全相同,不要搞混了哦!
The airport MRT largely increases the accessibility of airport.

如果你停止喝水?( What if you stop drinking water… ?)

雖然聽別人的意見和經驗很重要,自己也應該要花功夫去了解任何自己有興趣或有可能的道路,但小編覺得有時候想太多反而容易鑽牛角尖,有時候應該要多聽聽心裡的聲音,然後不要擔心太多,做就是了,不用擔心如果你以後不喜歡怎麼辦?或是如果你沒興趣怎麼辦?還沒嘗試你怎麼知道呢?送給大家影片中的最後一句話:"You can always change what you are. " 。




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