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(mouse clicks)
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
♪ (heavy metal) ♪
- (Chris) Uh-oh. - (Phil) Any time It's an Asian video.
♪ (heavy metal) ♪
♪ (screaming) ♪
- (Smosh) BABYMETAL!
- (Lia) They're 12!
♪ (heavy metal) ♪ (BABYMETAL giggles)
♪ (bubblegum pop) ♪
- (Scott) Oh my god, I love this.
- (Steve) Ah, this is so-- I don't know how to feel about this!
♪ (BABYMETAL screams) ♪
(Mitch and Scott laugh) (BABYMETAL giggles)
- (Chris) Is it cute yet? - (Phil) It's cute. It's cute.
- (Chris) THAT'S NOT CUTE! - (BABYMETAL laughs)
♪ (pop music) ♪
♪ (pop music) ♪
- (Tyler) I don't like that! I don't think I liked that. (laughing)
- (Chris) We're not Japanese by the way.
That was still weird to us.
♪ (electronic influenced metal) ♪
- (Tyler) This is like DDR music or something.
- (Ian) They just look like they're having so much fun.
- (Anthony) Look! I could just imagine myself being at this show.
(Lia laughs) ♪ (rap music) ♪
- (Lia) 'Ey! (BABYMETAL laughs)
- (Ian) Oh yeah, gettin' hyphy!
♪ (screaming vocals) ♪
- (David) This is sick.
♪ (electronic dance) ♪ - (Markiplier) And we're back.
(BABYMETAL giggles)
- (Markiplier) It's gonna hit as many genres as possible.
They're gonna get the biggest audience!
- (Scott) We should do a Baby Metal cover. - (Mitch) Yeah?
- (Finebros) So you recognize those guys from Pentatonix?
- (Finebros) We were encouraging them to do a cover of BABYMETAL.
Should they do it?
♪ (BABYMETAL, "Give Me Chocolate") ♪
- (electronic voice) Give me... chocolate.
♪ (heavy metal) ♪ - (Tyler) Give me chocolate? (laughs)
♪ (heavy metal) ♪
(Markiplier laughs)
♪ (screaming rapidly) ♪ - (Trisha) WHAT?!
(BABYMETAL laughs)
♪ (pop punk) ♪ - (Tyler) I like this part.
♪ (pop punk) ♪
- (Anthony) Oh my god!
- (Scott) I would do anything to go to their concert.
- (Trisha) I'm jamming out to this...
- (Adande) ...to tell me the story behind this.
- (Markiplier) This would be an amazing concert to go to.
(BABYMETAL laughs)
- (Ian) Are they eating hot dogs?
- (Anthony) ♪ A hot dog, a hot dog ♪
- (Finebros) The people who are in this video
are all very popular celebrities online.
What do you want to say to them if they're watching this?
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
- (Finebros) What did you think of these people's reaction to your music?
- (Finebros) Did you know how unique your music was to Americans?
In the US, we've never really seen metal combined with pop music before.
- (Finebros) Some people here say that your music is weird and different.
Do you find any American things to be weird and different?
- (Finebros) We got to go to your first American performance
here in Los Angeles last year.
(BABYMETAL expresses surprise)
- (Finebros) What are you looking forward to on this tour of America?
- (Finebros) We asked our audience to send us questions for you,
and what many wanted to know is out of all the metal bands
you've gotten to meet, which one is your favorite?
- Metallica. Of course!
- (Finebros) Another question people were asking was,
"How have your feelings about metal music changed
since you've started the band?"
- (Finebros) We want to thank you so much for coming to film with us.
We sincerely love what you guys are doing
and hope you continue to have an amazing career.
- Thank you. - Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
- Thank you for watching BABYMETAL React to YouTubers React to BABYMETAL.
- Our new album, Metal Resistance, is out now.
- We hope to see you soon. - See you!
- See you! - See you!



547 分類 收藏
Mine Shi Lee 發佈於 2016 年 12 月 2 日
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