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Hello everyone~
Welcome back to Crown's vlog
As most of you know
last month I went to England and I had an amazing time there
What you might not know is that
I also had the chance to go the London Harry Potter Studio Tour
Should I do the whole video in British English or not?
Hmmm...Ok let's do it
As a proud Gryffindor student
I will be taking all you first year freshmen on a tour
and show you the magical world of Harry Potter
First of all, let me give you a heads-up
and tell you that you have to pre-order your tickets online
at the Harry Potter Studio Tour website
You can't buy the tickets at the studio
so keep in mind that you absolutely must place your order online first.
Actually, you know what
Imma change back to the American accent
because it's so tiring
We bought a guidebook along with our tickets
so that costs us about 45 pounds per person
You can also get an extra audio guide if you want
they're available in 8 languages including Chinese
The studio is located quite a long way from London
so we took the overground train from Euston Station
to Watford Junction Station
then the studio's shuttle bus to the studio
All of this sounds really easy and chill
but to be honest our whole journey was really terrifying and messy
cuz we were behind schedule, we had to basically run everywhere
to catch our transportations
But hey, the hectic process made the memories even more fascinating and fun
Now we got all the info you need to know out of the way
we've finally arrived at the Harry Potter Studio Tour!
Before you really start the tour
they will let you into a really big room and show you an exclusive clip
then something magical will happen
and you will find yourself standing in front of "THE" door
"Welcome to Hogwarts!"
You will be able to walk the full length of the dining hall
and see each of the four houses' costumes on the side
and the professors' costumes at the front
and yeah, I only recorded the costumes for Gryffindor house…
50 points for Gryffindor
In the studio, you will see all kinds of sets, special effects, costumes, arts and many, many more
The Gryffindor boy's dormitory
where Harry and Ron lived throughout their years in Hogwarts
the Gryffindor common room where Neville stood up against his friends
the intricately designed and spaciously magnificent Dumbledore's office
the potions classroom where you can stir things with your magic
and the Weasleys' always cozy, warm, and welcoming home
Also, they have a special section that teaches you how to cast spells
I'll be putting this clip right here...
"Bend the wand forward of the head, and whip it back"
"Now let's see you try that"
Aren't I cool? (lolz)
Other than the many movie sets
we also got to see a variety of the different tools used in the movie
Here in this glass case
there's the time turner Hermione used to get to all her classes
the golden snitch that Harry has to catch to win Quidditch
and the Philosopher's stone that can make you live forever
The most essential thing in the magic world is no doubt the wand
This showcases all the wands of most of the main characters in the franchise
And of course, here's the mirror
in which you can see your deepest desires fulfilled
Moving on to the next section of the tour
we've come to see the Hogwarts Express with our very own eyes
This section starts with an introduction of
how the first movie and the last movie of the Harry Potter series
ended with a shot of Harry standing next to the Hogwarts Express
After passing through this tunnel section
we've arrived at Platform 9 ¾
Besides seeing the iconic platform plate
there's a wall where you can take pictures of yourself
pushing your trolley
a small section where it invites you to guess whose luggage this is
and of course you can board the Hogwarts Express itself
Yay! Hogwarts train!
Now, watch me run beside it!
The train from Hogwarts!
Hogwarts Railways
After the exciting Hogwarts Express experience
the studio continues to amaze me
because next up ready for us
is the famous butterbeer
You must, definitely, absolutely
try the butterbeer no matter what
We got ourselves the souvenir mugs
so we can bring them home with us
as seen in the clip here
and I must say, butterbeer is such a delight
This is my first time trying butterbeer~ I'm so happy~
It's really good!!!
So, it's basically soda plus sweet butter foam at the top
It is very sweet so I loved it to bits
Don't leave the studio until you've had that drink!!!
Also, I got to literally walk in Diagon Alley, and see all those amazing shops
Oh, that bank (Gringotts), and it's so slanted
Ollivander~ The place that makes and sells wands
Fred and George's shop is over there
Then here you can see how making a movie really takes up so much time, energy and innovation
The construction of the Hogwarts school itself was first made into white card models
You can see how detailed a small model can be
and how it can be magically transformed into this
So, now you've reached the end of the Harry Potter Studio Tour
I hope you enjoyed this video as I have enjoyed myself back then
There are still so many, many things that I didn't talk about
but I did manage to squeeze all of the most interesting things in here
You'll just have to experience the rest of the magical world
when you visit there in person
If you love Harry Potter as much as I do
share this video with all your family and friends
then leave a comment in the section down below
and tell me what you think of this video!
那我們在 Facebook 跟 Instagram 也都有帳號
可以用 阿滴英文 來搜尋到我們!
And that's a wrap, thank you guys for watching, as always
and I'll catch you guys next time! See ya!



滴妹帶你逛英國哈利波特影城! (Harry Potter Studio Tour with Crown!)

44913 分類 收藏
梁蕎庭 發佈於 2016 年 12 月 7 日


不知道各位 VoiceTubers 中有沒有很多哈利波特迷呢?(舉手~~~)今天的主編要帶大家看滴妹介紹英國哈利波特影城,而且,影片中有許多非常口語且實用的片語和用法,今天要一次介紹給你!

1heads-up 0:38
heads-up 是口語英文很常用的一個字喔,意思是「事前提醒」,用法是 give someone a heads-up
It is a pretty cool place, but let me give you a heads-up: it's not for the faint-hearted.

May 15, 2013 - CNN Student News with subtitles

2place (your/an) order 0:50
to place (your/an) order 的意思是「訂/買東西」,是個很常用的搭配語,意思就是 order 當作名詞「訂單」的時候,通常會搭配動詞 place (下訂)使用。(補充:這叫做 collocation,就是某些字會搭配特定的字或句子一起使用)。
Placing an order online is pretty convenient, sure, but the downside is that returning your product is a pain.

3behind schedule 1:25
behind schedule 的意思是「(進度)落後」,是一個很好用的片語,例如你報告還沒寫完快要來不及了、上班要提出新專案但是太晚開始、家庭旅遊在計畫但是快要訂不到機票了就可以用這個片語!
Can you put your heart into it? We're already behind schedule, so stop messing around.

4out of the way 1:37
out of the way 其實有蠻多意思的,如果你說 get something out of the way (first),意思是「先完成某件事情好讓你有時間可以做其他事情」; out-of-the-way 也可以指一個地方很遠、偏僻;不過,影片裡 out of the way 的意思是一件事情「被完成了」。
Marie booked a quiet, out-of-the-way resort where she and her family will spend their summer time.

I'll get back to you once I get the assignment out of the way.

另外一個用法是 get out of my way 或是 get outta my way ,是叫一個人滾開、不要擋路的意思,要注意的是這個用法蠻粗魯、不禮貌的,最好不要常用喔!

5to bits5:16
to bits 一般來說有兩個解釋,第一個意思是「變成碎片、變成很多個部分」;第二個意思也是影片裡的意思,指的是「非常」。
The cars were smashed into bits after the accident.
兩輛車(or 多輛車)在車禍中被撞成碎片。

I was thrilled to bits after receiving the scholarship to my dream school.

6in person 6:30
in person 的意思是「親自」,也可以說 in the flesh
They didn't respond to my emails, so I went and argue with them in person.

【TED】Salman Khan:影片能改變教育 Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education





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