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  • Maybe red's like roses


  • Maybe it's the pool of blood


  • The innocents will lay in when in the end you fail to save them


  • Their dying eyes


  • Are wide and white like snow


  • And now they know the cost of trusting you's obliteration


  • Mirrors will shatter


  • Crushed by the weight of the world


  • The pillars collapse


  • In shame


  • There'll be no rest


  • There'll be no love


  • There'll be no hero in the end who will rise above


  • And when it ends


  • The good will crawl


  • The shining light will sink in darkness


  • Victory for hate incarnate


  • Misery and pain for all


  • When it falls


  • [Grimm roar]


  • (Weiss) I don't believe this.


  • (Blake) Yang, are you okay?

    韋斯: 不敢相信。

  • (Yang) I'm fine. Is Ruby with you?

    布雷克: 楊,你沒事吧?

  • (Yang) She's not answering her Scroll.

    揚: 我沒事。 Ruby跟你們在一起嗎?

  • (Blake) No, she isn't


  • (Blake) Yang I'm sure she's fine.

    布雷克: 沒。

  • (Blake) She's our leader, she can take care of herself.

    布雷克: 她沒有。

  • (Yang) Right.

    布雷克: 揚我敢肯定她沒事的。

  • (Weiss) This can't be happening.

    布雷克: 她是我們的領袖,她可以照顧自己。

  • (Weiss) Penny...

    洋: 對。

  • (Yang) I'm heading to the docks near the courtyard.

    韋斯: 怎麼會發生這種事。

  • White Fang are releasing Grimm into the school!

    韋斯: 潘...

  • (Blake) The White Fang is here?!

    揚: 我正前往庭院附近的碼頭。

  • [Static]

    陽: *白牙*在釋放格林進校!

  • (Blake) Yang!

    布雷克: *白牙*就在這裡?

  • (Yang) Got to go! Be careful.


  • (Weiss) Blake, what are we going to do?

    布雷克: 揚!

  • (Blake) We're going to the docks, and we're doing our job.

    楊: 得走了!小心。

  • *Thud*

    韋斯: 布雷克,那我們該怎麼辦?

  • *Locker door hiss*

    布雷克: 我們去碼頭,做我們該做的事。

  • [Nevermore caws]


  • (Robotic Announcer) Warning safety barriers failing.

    警告! 安全屏障破損中!

  • [Nevermore caws]

    雲庭: 皮拉!

  • (Jaune) Pyrrha!

    雲庭: 皮拉,那個東西要闖進來了!妳得離開那!

  • (Jaune) Pyrrha, that thing's going to break in! You've gotta move!


  • [Nevermore caws]

    仁/諾拉: 雲庭!

  • (Nora) Jaune!

    雲庭: 皮拉拜託快離開那裡!

  • (Jaune) Pyrrha please snap out of it!


  • [Barrier shatters]

    皮拉: 紅寶石?

  • [Nevermore caws]

    紅寶石: 別動她!

  • [Nevermore screech in pain]

    皮拉: 紅寶石我

  • (Pyrrha) Ruby?

    皮拉: 我很抱歉

  • (Ruby) Leave her alone!

    紅寶石: 我也是。但那不是妳的錯。

  • (Pyrrha) Ruby I-

    雲庭: 她是對的。

  • (Pyrrha) I'm so sorry.

    雲庭: 是麥克風上的人,他們才是兇手。

  • (Ruby) Me too, but it wasn't your fault.

    雲庭: 我們還必須確保他們不會再取走任何人。

  • (Jaune) She's right.

    海王星獅鷲: 任何人有攻擊計劃嗎?

  • (Jaune) Whoever was on the microphone, they're the ones that did this.

    Ruby: 太陽。我需要你的手機。

  • (Jaune) And we have to make sure they don't take anyone else.


  • [Various weapon noises]


  • [Griffon roar]


  • (Ren) Griffons.

    紅寶石: 但是我們可以FI- 博士Oobleck: 玫瑰小姐。

  • (Neptune) Anybody got a plan of attack?

    Oobleck: 這一天一定會往下走的。

  • (Ruby) Sun. I need your Scroll.

    Oobleck: 但我希望至少學生們能活過這一天。

  • [Griffon roars, stops, and roars again]

    紅寶石: 走吧!

  • [Gunshot]

    紅寶石: 天鵝絨!

  • (Professor Port) Students. I think it would be best for you to leave.


  • (Ruby) But we can fi- (Dr. Oobleck) Miss Rose.

    教授: 最後一個比賽,巴蒂!請將您的賭注押上!

  • (Dr. Oobleck) This day will surely go down in Remnant's history.


  • (Dr. Oobleck) I'd prefer it if my students could live to tell about it.


  • (Ruby) Let's go!


  • *Camera snap*


  • (Coco) Velvet!


  • [Professor Port laughs]


  • (Professor Port) One final match, Barty! Place your bets!


  • [People panicking]


  • [Inaudible conversation]


  • [Girl crying]


  • [Grimm howls and roars]


  • [Gunshots]

    紅寶石: 這是怎麼回事?

  • [Gunshots] [Grimm Roars]

    鐵木: 格林遍布全市。

  • [Mechanical whirring and shearing]

    鐵木: 白方已經侵入燈塔和更糟糕的是,一些...

  • [Ironwood yells]

    鐵木: ...流浪漢搶了我一艘船。

  • [Gunshots]

    鐵木: 在我們恢復指揮前,領空不受我們的控制。

  • [Grimm roars]

    鐵木: 所以我要...

  • [Gunshots]


  • [Gunshot]

    鐵木: 去把它收回。

  • [Gunshot]

    雲庭: 我們應該怎麼辦?

  • [Hiss]

    鐵木: 你有兩個選擇:

  • (Ruby) What's going on?

    鐵木: 保衛你的王國、你的學校......

  • (Ironwood) Grimm are crawling all over the city.

    鐵力木: 或保護自己。

  • (Ironwood) The White Fang has invaded Beacon and to make matters worse, some-


  • (Ironwood) -Vagabond has seized one of my ships.

    鐵木: 讓我們走!

  • (Ironwood) Until we regain command, the skies are out of our control.

    太陽: 我是說......

  • (Ironwood) So I'm-

    太陽: 來吧。

  • [Weapon draw and gunshot]

    雲庭: 我們可以找一艘船前往燈塔。

  • (Ironwood) Going to take it back.

    Torchwick: 嗯,讓我想想...

  • (Jaune) What should we do?

    Torchwick: 什麼......這個按鈕呢?

  • (Ironwood) You have two choices:


  • (Ironwood) Defend your kingdom and your school...


  • (Ironwood) Or save yourselves.

    Torchwick: 哦,有趣!

  • (Ironwood) No one will fault you if you leave.

    Torchwick: 那麼......這一個?

  • (Ironwood) Let's move out!


  • (Sun) I mean-


  • (Sun) -Come on.

    羅馬: 哼。

  • (Jaune) We can take a ship to Beacon.

    羅馬: 好吧...

  • (Torchwick) Hmm, let's see.

    羅馬: 沒事。

  • What does- this button do?

    羅馬: 哦,嗬嗬。

  • [Presses button]

    羅馬: 現在,這個,這個就會有趣多了。

  • [Rumbling]


  • (Torchwick) Oh, fun!


  • (Torchwick) How about- this one?

    Goodwitch: 什麼?

  • [Presses button]

    布雷克: 當心!

  • [Alarm blares]


  • (Roman) Hmph.

    鐵木: 不!

  • (Roman) Alright...


  • (Roman) Nothing.

    太陽: 紅寶石,妳要幹什麼?

  • (Roman) Oh, ho ho.


  • (Roman) Now, this one, this one's gonna be fun.

    羅馬: 去看看那是什麼。

  • [Gunshots]


  • [Beowolf roars]


  • (Goodwitch) What?!


  • (Blake) Look out!


  • [Gunshots]


  • (Ironwood) No!

    韋斯: 加油!

  • [Explosion]

    韋斯: 咦?

  • [Muffled gunshots]


  • (Sun) Ruby! What are you doing?!

    韋斯: 小心點。

  • [Engine roar]

    亞當: 耶!

  • [Thud]

    布雷克: 不。

  • [Roman growls]

    布雷克: 亞當?

  • (Roman) Go see what that is.

    亞當: 你好,我親愛的。

  • [Cracks neck]


  • [Gunshots]

    煤渣: 真美麗。

  • [Weiss yelling]

    翡翠: 有點讓人傷心。

  • [Blake and White Fang members grunting]

    煤渣: 不得了吧。

  • [Gunshots]

    煤渣: 把畫面放在Atlesean騎士上。

  • (Weiss) Come on!

    水星: 呵呵,我全部都有拍到。

  • (Weiss) Huh?

    煤渣: 好。

  • [Alpha Beowolf roars]

    煤渣: 繼續廣播,直到最後。

  • (Weiss) Be safe.


  • [Alpha Beowolf grunts]

    煤渣: 而且千萬不要錯過接下來會​​發生的事。

  • (Blake) No.

    Goodwitch: 不。

  • (Blake) Adam?


  • (Adam) Hello, my darling.


  • [Gunshots]


  • [Grimm screeches]


  • (Cinder) Beautiful.


  • (Emerald) It's almost sad.

    諾拉: 她要去哪裡?

  • (Cinder) It's horrendous.

    雲庭: 我去一探究竟。你們兩個留在這裡繼續戰鬥。

  • (Cinder) Focus on the Atlesean Knights.


  • (Mercury) Ho ho, I'm getting all of it.

  • (Cinder) Good.

  • (Cinder) Continue the broadcast until the end.

  • [Rumbling]

  • (Cinder) And do not miss what happens next.

  • (Goodwitch) No.

  • [Mountain Glenn crumbles]

  • [Grimm Dragon flies out of Mountain Glenn]

  • [Grimm Dragon screeches]

  • [Creep roars]

  • [Grimm spawn from the Dragon]

  • (Nora) Where's she going?

  • (Jaune) I'll go find out. You two stay here and keep fighting.

Maybe red's like roses



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