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♪Maybe red's like roses♪
♪Maybe it's the pool of blood♪
♪the innocents will lay in when in the end♪
♪you've failed to save them♪
♪Their dying eyes♪
♪are wide and white like snow♪
♪And now they know♪
♪the cost of trusting you's obliteration♪
♪Mirrors will shatter,♪
♪crushed by the weight of the world♪
♪The pillars collapse in shame♪
♪There'll be no rest♪
♪There'll be no love♪
♪There'll be no hero in the end♪
♪who will rise above♪
♪And when it ends, ♪
♪the good will crawl♪
♪The shining light will sink in darkness♪
♪Victory for hate incarnate♪
♪Misery and pain for all♪
♪When it falls♪
(Port) Three... two... one...
(Jaune) Come on guys!
(Port) Begin!
(Jaune) Retreat!
(Pyrrha) What do we do?
(Jaune) Spread out! Try to keep moving!
(Nora) Ren!
(Port) Oho, looks like one of my favorite students, Nora Valkyrie is charging up to use her Semblance!
(Nolan) What?
(Oobleck) Yes, Miss Valkyrie's Semblance lets her
produce, as well as channel, electrical energy
straight to her muscles.
This allows her to jump explosively into the air,
wield her mighty hammer, or in this case, absorb
Nolan's attacks and send the young man flying.
(Nolan) What?!
*thunder crackling*
(Jaune) Nora! Get to the mountain!
(Nora) You got it!
(Jaune) Ren, try and distract the sniper!
(Ren) *sarcastic* Sure, why not?
(Ruby) Yeah, go get 'em Jaune!
(Weiss) Well, he's certainly improved.
(Yang) Yeah, but he ain't got nothing on Pyrrha.
(Ren) Nora!
(Jaune) Pyrrha, up!
*grenades whistling*
(Jaune) This is it, guys!
Let's finish 'em with team attacks!
Ren, Nora, Flower Power!
(Nora) Wait... what?
(Jaune) F-Flower Power.
That's your team attack name.
(Ren) Since... when?
(Jaune) Guys, we went over this!
Flower Power is Ren and Nora.
Ren brings the flower, Nora brings the power.
(Ren) How do I bring a flower?
(Nora) No, silly! Not 'a flower'! Flour!
Like in baking!
(Ren) Why would I bring that?
(Jaune) I, uh, no, it's your symbol!
(Pyrrha) So... what are we?
(Jaune) Pyrrha!
(Pyrrha) Sorry! I just wanna make sure
it's clearly defined.
(Jaune) *distantly* Pyrrha, you and I are Arkos.
It's the thing, where we take our shields, remember?
(Pyrrha) Arkos?
(Jaune) Yeah.
It's our names put together.
(Pyrrha) Right... no, I get it.
(Jaune) What, do you not like it?
(Pyrrha) No, no, it's...
(Nora) Mmm, I sensed hesitation!
(Brawnz) Hey!
(Team JNPR) Huh?
(Brawnz) What do you think you're doing?!
(Jaune) Trying to have a team meeting,
thank you very little.
(Nora) *angrily* Yeah! Team ears only!
(Brawnz) We're in the middle of a fight!
(Jaune) *angrily* And we're in the middle of a conversation!
What don't you get about that?!
(Pyrrha) Um, Jaune?
(Jaune) Yes, Pyrrha?
(Pyrrha) I think he means that we're ALL
in the middle of a fight?
*crowds cheering*
(Jaune) *sighs* Nora, just...
hit them with the hammer.
(Nora) Got it...
(Brawnz) Wait... what?!
(Team BRNZ) Ah!
(Port) And with that, it appears Team JNPR wins
by knockout. Literally.
(Port) Can someone go make sure they're okay?
(Bartender) Huh.
Those kids weren't half bad.
(Man) Meh.
(Oobleck) Ah, well, Vacuo fans are sure to be
hurting after that one, but this next round will
have them on the edge of their seats.
(Port) Team NDGO (Indigo) of Shade is certainly
a crowd favorite.
But these lovely ladies are going
against some of the toughest, testosterone filled,
teammates we've seen so far.
(Port) I'm of course talking about
Team SSSN (Sun)!
(Port) Sun Wukong and his team are certainly
a force to be reckoned with.
And although he'll be representing the Mistral academy
of Haven, I'm sure his friends and family back in Vacuo
will be cheering him along.
(Weiss) Good luck, Neptune!
(Neptune) *flirting* Ladies.
(Weiss) Break his stupid face, NDGO!
(Neptune) Alright girls, try and remember.
Hands... above the waist.
(Sun) Ignore him, for he....
(Sun) Yeah, he's dumb.
(Nebula) Alright, home field advantage!
(Sun) Don't get too cocky,
that's my turf too.
(Scarlet) I hope I don't get sand in my shoes.
(Neptune) Be cool, man.
(Gwen) Hey, the ocean!
(Neptune) Huh?
*Neptune whimpering*
(Ruby) Uh... what's wrong with Neptune?
(Blake) Oh no...
(Blake) Neptune's... afraid of the water.
(Oobleck) Three, two, one, begin!
(Sage) Neptune! What are you doing?!
(Neptune) Oh, you know, just, uh, getting to higher ground.
(Sun) On the enemy's side?!
(Neptune) They would never expect it!
(Dew) He's not wrong.
(Nebula) Open fire!
*Sage screaming*
(Oobleck) And NDGO gains the advantage.
(Sun) Neptune!
(Port) Oh! And we're down to 3-on-3!
(Scarlet) Gotcha.
(Sun) Nuts.
(Sun) Uh, Neptune?! Could use some help buddy!
(Neptune) Uh, ya know, it would probably be better
if you came over here!
I can guard this... sector!
We're in lockdown mode!
(Sun) What are you talking about?! There's nothing to lock down!
(Neptune) Lockdown! Right! You got it!
(Sun) I know you're afraid of water but you gotta-
(Neptune) There, I helped! Are you happy now?!
Also, I am not afraid of water and I have no idea what
YOU are talking about!
(Sun) *frustrated* NEPTUNE!!!
(Neptune) Okay, fine! Just get out of the water!
(Port) And with that, Team SSSN moves on
to the Doubles round!
(Port) You know what I call that victory?
(Oobleck) "Shocking"?
(Port) No, well earned.
What you said is stupid.
(Bartender) *whistles* Now that was a match.
(Man) Pssh! That was a mess.
(Bartender) Come on, man.
You didn't like them, the Vale kids, or any of the rounds before that?
What fight are you here for?
(Man) That one.
(Man) Whoo. Happy Vytal Festival.
(Bartender) Aw, gee darnit.
*music playing, crowds cheering*
(Ruby) Aw, that was so close!
(Yang) Looks like the dorks made it to the next round.
(Blake) Emphasis on 'dork'.
(Oobleck) That concludes the matches for today.
Please leave the coliseum in a CALM AND ORDERLY FASHION!
(Yang) Come on, let's go congratulate 'em!
(Ruby) Uh! Oh...what are you viewing?
(Weiss) She's here.


RWBY第三季 第2集 (RWBY Volume 3, Chapter 2: New Challengers...)

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